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  1. In my point of view I like guys that make me laugh. A really great approach for me will be telling a cute, funny joke or pick-up line. I think that women, like most human beings, like to be approached in a unique and entertaining way. So any person that is good at talking and comes up with great ice-breakers is good at approaching people. Then again, everything I say is my opinion. I think harassment starts when your intentions are bad. TOK talking in here, people know the direction of other´s approachement because of intuition, emotion and maybe just a little perception (by looking in the eyes of a person you can know many stuff) . So if a man with bad intentions starts talking to me I would feel it as harassment. In conclusion if the guy has good intentions and approaches me in a funny and entertaining way, he will definitely have my attention. (Sorry for the grammar, English is not my first language. Any corrections would be accepted thankfully )
  2. Just write things only IB students say! : I can't go tonight, I have to study. Will that count as CAS? I would kill myself, but I don't have time for that. I got so much things to do, but i don't know where to start and I'm running out of time. I'll just wake up early to finish the assignment. I REALLY need to start working in my EE. Extra(?): In Math HL test: Leaving your calculator at home is like leaving your first born at the gates of Hell. I know they are pretty lame, that´s why I hope some of you can come up with good ones
  3. Theatre, Film and Psychology :C But I´m in History and I like it alot, so I got that one going for me, which is nice.
  4. omg!!! They are so many!!! When did you learnt them?? Teach me your time managing skills Im so jelly!! jk
  5. Fluently 3!!! Spanish, English and French And currently learning Japanese! (if someone could help me with the correct use of particles, that would be great)
  6. You know you're in the IB when you don´t know what to do in vacations and you are just lying there avoiding the EE...
  7. Go on this page: http://www.ibsurvival.com/ Scroll down and you will see all of the forums for all of the different subjects. Pick the one you're interested in e.g. Extended Essay: http://www.ibsurvival.com/forum/16-extended-essay/ On the top at the right, above all the posts it says "Start New Topic". Click on that to start a new topic. There are no chat rooms on the site, it's all forum-based I hope that helps you! Thank you!!
  8. Hello I´m also new and I don´t really know how this work. I opened this account so I could read the tips, comment and all of that on the IB extended essay, but I am completely lost! I do not even know how I got here... Can somebody please explain almost everything about this forum to me? I saw there where some chat rooms, how can I log in to one? And how can I make a thread? I tried like Javi said but I couldn´t even find the Content tab, is it new content? I am sorry if I bothered someone! And also I am really sorry for my english, I am Mexican, Spanish is my first language, so I am really rusty in english! Thanks
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