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  1. I dont have much review time and Id like to study the most Important ones first.
  2. Hello, I really want to get at least a 5 in bio test. But Im still confused about the Options. We covered two HL Options and havent studied the rest of the options. Will the test contain questions from the SL Topics, Hl Topics and the two options that we covered? Considering the time left till the exam, do you think it would be wise to study from online sources or the book ? I already covered 3 chapters from the book
  3. Hey, So University of Florida has a chart which says if you score 5 on the biology exam then you will get 8 Credit Here is a link: https://catalog.ufl.edu/ugrad/current/advising/info/IB-examination-credit-info.aspx I did very poor in my math IA as teachers are not supposed to give feedback. My teacher only thought 3 lesson the entire year, but im planning to study hard so I can get a good grade on Exam. So getting a low grade on the IA will decrease my chances of the diploma only? And the Exam is what counts for the college credits etc.... >?
  4. So I want to write a paper and find out the correlation between GDP and birth rates. I collected data from different countries. Should I just put all of my data in one set and use them all to create one graph or should I create separate for each different country ?
  5. Hello, My last post didint go through. So far we have taken the exam which we choose and describe a photo. We also did the part which we watch a short film and then have a debate, or discussion. We will do 3 similar activities and the best will be used. We are asked to find 3 articles, I have no idea what we are doing now. We have a new teacher and she is new to IB too so everyone is confuses........ I would appreciate If anyone would help us understand.
  6. Hello, I joined the IB program in 11th grade. Our Spanish teacher left us 2 month after 12th grade. Now the new teacher is giving a date for an exam which I never though existed. So far i know that we will take a IOC with a picture. So far we already did one activity were we watched a video and had a group discussion on it. Right now we are suppose to find 3 articles for a test ? idk why.... I would highly appreciate if some one would help me understand what exams am i being expected to take.
  7. Hello Thank you guys for helping each other out, its amazing. I will be doing my English written assignment on the book Stranger and how the environment that meursault lived influenced his actions. I already talked about the environment that is created by the sun, and also the current setting of Algerie which discriminated toward arabs alot. I cant think anything else that I can add to this topic, or If I could change my topic I would do it too
  8. Math IA Hello, I will be doing my IA to find the relationship between GDP and obesity. How can i collect my data for that? So far i have collected obesity and GDP of 7 countries but the math processing seems unknown to me. Please help me with the processing
  9. Hello I want to know if its ok to do my paper on something that other researchers had already done.
  10. MaydaMayda

    How to deal with corrupt teachers !

    good idea. I frequently see students happy because they got a grade without turning in an essay or work. Im sure he is not doing his job at all.
  11. MaydaMayda

    How to deal with corrupt teachers !

  12. I remember in middle school being racially discriminated by an Iranian teacher which he called me names and made jokes about me which the whole class laughed, this made me cry. Now as a senior my memories are coming back as my English teacher totally ignores my present, does not answer my questions and rolls up his eyes and says oh god not again every time i ask him a question and never read the my essays and gives the same low grade on every essay because he thinks I suck at it. The other teacher is gives me zero becouse i leave the class to visit guedance while she works with an student indivisually for more than 30 minutes and 99% of other students are engaded with phones, conversations. etc...... Should i say F my grades and F the IB Diploma? I already have a 4.4 and rank 10

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