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  1. Research Question: In what ways did classical musicians contribute to the war effort of the United States during WWII? I've hit writer's block. I have my books, but I am just having trouble starting my abstract. I'm not sure what to put in there to start it.
  2. So I put a working thesis for my question, "In what ways did classical musicians contribute to the war effort of the United States during WWII?" It was "The purpose of this paper is to show how classical musicians contributed a lot to the war effort in the United States. It was needed in order to keep hopes alive and stable both back in the U.S and in the Home Front. It was used as a tool for battle in the war, whether it was to entertain or to recuperate the soldiers during the war." I think my thesis needs some polishing though. I also don't know what to put in the "body" or analysis section. Any ideas?
  3. Kareema

    Should i change my EE history question?

    This is for history. So i 'finalized' with...In what ways did classical musicians contribute to the war effort of the United States during WWII?
  4. So my first research question was To what extent did jazz musicians contribute to the war effort during WWII? I did further research and I found some books that argue that classical music made a bigger impact in contributing to the war effort.... I don't know if i should keep it or not. I was thinking about tweaking my question a bit like... 1. What role did music play in the United States during WWII? 2. (To what extent) or (how) did musicians contribute to the war effort during WWII? 3. How did classical musicians contribute more to the war effort in comparison to jazz musicians during WWII? Should i change it? Or use that as a source that argues my original research question?
  5. Kareema

    Extended Essay

    I think mine's sounds too simple... But it's whatever! Haha. My advisor approved it, so i'm not gonna fret about it. History: To what extent did jazz musicians contribute to the war effort during World War II?
  6. I have to come up with a biology EE, but I am stuck with what topic research questions to choose from. I was going to do my topic on the effects of sleep deprivation on cognitive skills and reaction time on humans over the interval of a day, but there are so many things to take into consideration including the activities that they have done or their diet. So if anyone has any ideas for a topic regarding plants, or even something about humans(it must be easy to control the variables), then it would be much appreciated.
  7. I want to do my II or IA report on music. What are some ideas?
  8. There are a couple of movies/books that brought me to tears because of how relatable I found them to be. Not in a particular order: 1) Silver Linings Playbook 2) Rain Man 3) What's Eating Gilbert Grape? 4) The Fault in Our Stars The first three movies have each have a character who has a mental disorder. Pat Solitano from Silver Linings Playbook had a bipolar disorder. There was a certain scene where he freaks out and causes a disruption in the whole neighborhood and his father ends up beating him up. That scene gets to me a lot because I witnessed something similar to that. Raymond from Rain Man is an autistic savant. I understood the feeling of how it's difficult to take care of a sibling who's autistic. Same goes for What's Eating Gilbert Grape. As for The Fault in Our Stars, I cried at the part when Hazel gave her pre-funeral speech to Gus.
  9. So I spoke with my EE advisor and he said my topic was appropriate. My topic is "The effect of Jazz/swing music on the people during the Second World War." This is something I feel passionate about researching, but I'm having trouble forming a question for it. I have this question, but I feel like it's too wordy: What effect did World War II have on jazz and how did jazz contribute to the war effort? How should I narrow this question down?
  10. I wanted my topic to be about the development of swing music in the 1930s and how jazz in the 1920s created it. I feel like it's too vague, but I really want to do my topic on the history of music, if not, then women during the Great Depression. I just want to ask, if this is appropriate to use as an EE?
  11. Kareema

    How hard is Math SL?

    I wish I could study just like you! Being able to listen to lectures without writing a single thing. I'm so envious, but anyway, from my personal experience Math SL was hard for me. It could be from having too many activities, but I still I had a hard time studying. I loathe math very much and I also hated it because of how my teacher taught the class. I survived the class with a B though! I think you should take the class if you can get a B+ on tests! That's pretty neat! You should start searching for an topic for your math IA though.
  12. Can I put an activity both under creative and action. i.e Marching band.

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