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  1. You guys are strong- I am afraid I am not. I am mentally weak although in appearance I Look different- but hey, it's all about success. I rather be looking weak in appearance and have such strong mind, and actually getting somewhere rather than the opposite. Today, I thought about calling the suicide hotline but I am afraid they will record everyhtjng I say, and find out all my personal information. I am tired, sick of all of this. I had enough of this misery.
  2. All I desire is to go to university, get a job and live normally. But fate will not let me do it. Therefore I am useless, and I feel like I must punish myself for it. Totally useless, waste of education, unable to discuss this with anyone, and having to hide it everyday with a fake smile and pretending everything is alright- And today, I look around and everyone is succeeding to go to a uni and later on succeed with their normal lives. While I lag behind everyone moves forward. I am not needed. There is simply too many expectations. I cannot carry on with a fresh brain. My mind will not let me do that At all.
  3. Ok, so why am I posting this topic from the first place if these helpful posts made my day worse? I cannot believe how much of a total ignorant dumbass I am.
  4. Nope, I will have to redo my 2 year course again. Im sorry for causing all this drama, but these posts made my day worse. Every day is literally a nightmare. I only have the strength to act like I'm fine at school- I have no problems in school. but sonetimes I feel like a total embicil and I try my hardest not to jump off the school building. This is not a joke at all.
  5. yes but I looked and looked- I cant see anything but darkness. The world is not full of opportunities, since if I fail my exams due to my revision taking too long, Ive basically disrespected all teachers, and my family. Ive then dishonored everyone therefore why should I live? Sorry for being naive- I was once a positive person. Now I do not have a choice.
  6. When not succeeding to pass an IB exam, this means you would not be able to get in to university. The problem for me is, as it follows; all universities that I have applied to rejected me. Now that gave a useless feeling, a feeling of ultimate depression. Also I have not discussed this with anyone- but would suicide help to solve the problem? Revision is not going well at all- takes incredibly a long time to work through the past papers. I considering to get out of this misery. My talent is in art however my goal was to study in university, and gain a proper job. Not art. Having discussed this with my parents they would never understand. I strongly believe I am prepared and happy enough to take my own life. Any recommendations? should I see a doctor? I feel that if I don't succeed this, I believe this is the end. Seriously.
  7. It says I need to login, but I dont have an account Hey, thanks for replying! I appreciate it. I changed the link 1 min ago, and I hope this will work..
  8. Done. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TZC6MZ7 Could ya do mine?
  9. It says "copy of correlation.." etc since I had a duplicate version of the survey which I deleted.
  10. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TZC6MZ7 Hi, I need more surveys for this so it would be very helpful if many people can complete this survey. Will take only less than 10 seconds! cheers

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