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  1. HEY GUYS! Can you recomend any specific species of algae with 'univeral' properties, that lives both in sweat and salty water? Or maybe any of you could tell me what kind of algae did you use during school labs or something like that?
  2. Ola

    Personal stetement advice

    No offence, but coprehensive reading dude - I wrote it WITH them, meaning their were my supervisors and editors. Don't be so judgeing, it seems hostile...
  3. Yo guys, I have a dilemma conected with sending my personal statemt. I have 2 versions of it, you see. One which I wrote with ELAB (an organization specializing in help for UK applicant), and it's based on very detalied questionary, yet it is them who chose what information to include, made abstract out of it and tottaly parafrazed my words - it seems to me puffed up and spurious, though I know it's proffesional. The second one is complately mine and I know it's 100% authentic as I've written true reasons why I want to study psychology (of course, including some professional deatils such as my volunteery work or pschologicl papers I've wrote). So it is quesition to you guys - which one do you think I should choose? Thanks a lot for all advies and comments and cheers to all : )
  4. Ola

    Music while studying?

    I think that music is very stimulating during studing and can serve a purpose of motivation as well, but I would agree that it can be distracting while studing something difficult. On daily basis, so while doing homeworks and preparing for short tests, I listen to rap (biggie, eminem, kendric lammar, kid cudi, cypress hill ) as it brings good mood, but when I need to focuse a bit more and hurry a little, it's always techno (detroit swindle, theo parrish, kerri chandler and paul kalkbrenner). In extreme situations I go with Mozart and Vivaldi, but it never have an effect that I expect
  5. Ola

    How to get a 6 or 7 in HL Psychology

    The best way to study psychology HL is to do it systematically and in your own way. In my opinion learning straight from the handbook and the study guide is never suffcient enough. My recommendation is doing notes / rewisions for each and every learning outcome. The handbook provide the knowledge in more general manner, while inforamtion included in studyguide is superficial, so you should organise it. Write you own notes in resposnse to each learning outcome, remembering that you should expalin or at least outline the phenomenon that it's about, include 3 releavent models/theories/studies and evaluate them. Do it in bullet points or clearly divide each part into paragraphs and keep it as transparent as possible. Than your knowledge will be organised due to your visual preferences, so it will be remembered more easily, and whatever combination of questions youl will have on your finals you should know how to anwser them as you examined each learning outocome and can adjust the areas of your study to the question. Cheers!
  6. Taking 4 HLs is commonly not recommended, while taking 4 HLs that include 3 science subjects might be a suicide. You shouldn't worry about Enghlish HL at all(whether it's English A or B) beacuse it's easy. But when it comes to the rest, even taking only Biol and Chem on HL requires a lot from you, beacuse the programm is constructed in accordance to normal paths that include only 2 scientific subjects and even than it's more than enough. I think that taking the fourth HL from the scientific group might be overwhelming. Remember the preIB is just a beggining and the level of difficultie rise from year to year. I had 4 HLs in the first semmester of IB1 (biol, chem, english B, geography) and eventhough geography and english are pleasureable, it was a bit too much. Keep in mind that you will have 3/2 other subjects on SL and additional work connected with TOK and CAS and there's a reason why normally you have a choice of only 3 HLs...
  7. In that case maybe you should take biology HL in school along with chemistry and as long as you need the extra science subject, do physics outside of school.If you don't get something, it's always easier when someone expalins it to you tête-à -tête and adjust the teching path to your preferences and abilities. Maybe that's how you can keep your options open?
  8. The thing about Biology HL in IB is that it's really complicated. As I wanted to study medicine at the beggining of IB, I chose biology, which I used to love in lower secondary and always had top scores (all above 95%). Yet, I found out that HL biology is 'slightly' different than what interested me in this area. The new syllabus focuses moslty on molecular structers, amino acides, proteins etc. so it has more to do with theorethical chemistry than biology itself. At the beggining of IB2 I've changed to SL and nowadays biology is my favourite subject once again, while HL was pure nightmare. What I would recomend you to do, is to check out the new syllabus and than decide, because your expectation may vary from reality;)
  9. Ola

    Historical Investigation Topic

    So do you think that for example 'To what extent was the propaganda successful in formation of american homefront during the World War II?" is specific enough and would do? With your question, it's too broad. It's not a bad question. The U.S. homefront was successful in doing what? (Stopping war, building arms, creating the atomic bomb, beating the Germans, promoting women in the workforce, getting the U.S. involved?) If you try to cover the the entire success of the U.S. homefront you will end up with a 100+ dissertation, or a incredibly superficial 1500-2000 words. Neither of which are good IAs. Make your question as specific as you can in order to have the best luck at staying on the "correct path". A broad question leads right to superficial question, which leads to lost marks. Best of luck to you! Thanks a lot! That's very helpfull comment:) So do you think that for example such research question would be specific enough - 'To what extent was the propaganda successful in formation of american homefront during the World War II?"
  10. Hey guys! Do you think that a topic 'TO WHAT EXTENT WAS THE USA HOMEFRONT SUCCESSFUL DURING WORLD WAR II?' would be approperiate for my historical investigation? Or maybe you have any suggestions how should I change it? Cheers i beg of you to tell me something smart Friends of mine said that historical investigation topic should be somhow controversial, so I'm lost and confused :///
  11. Ola

    Abnormal Psychology Notes

    Here comes the rewision of all psychology HL leraning otcomes discussed in IB1 (at least in my school). The topic is abnormal psychology and the learning otcomes include: Examine the concepts of normality and abnormality. Discuss validity and reliability of diagnosis. Discuss cultural and ethical considerations in diagnosis. Describe symptoms and prevalence of one disorder from two of the following groups: Anxiety disorders, affective disorders. Analyze the etiologies of two disorders. (Affective disorders MDD and Anxiety Disorder PTSD) Discuss cultural and gender variations in prevalence of disorders. **To what extent do biological, cognitive and socio-cultural factors influence abnormal behaviour? - this one is not discussed seperatly, as it can be deducted from the information included in rewsion of 3 previous leraning outcomes. ​One last thing, is that when it came to the choice of anxiety disorder, my teacher chose PTSD instead of commonly chosen bulimia. So that is what you will find here. Hope it will help you with orgaznization of your knowledge and cheers to all!!
  12. Ola

    TOK essay

    HEY GUYS! I just chose my TOK essay topic which is '"The knower's perspective is essential in the pursuit of knowledge." To what extent do you agree with this statement?'. As I outlined my essey, I've decided to write about factors such as cognition, experiance, culture and quest for knowledge itself. Do you have any other ideas what should be mentioned in such essay? Maybe some helpful exmaples? btw. I totally do agree with this statemnt, yet my chaotic mind doesn't let me support it in approperiately logical way Peace yo!
  13. Ola

    CLA lerning outcomes

    All of the learning otcomes from cognitive level of analysis, except 'evaluate 2 models or theories of one cognitive process with references to research studies' and 'examine to what extent do biological and cognitive factors interact in emotions'. Have fun
  14. Ola

    IA survey :D

    Yo guys! I'm collecting data for my IA and I miss a few results. As my deadline is approaching in big steps I wanted to ask you for a favour to take few minutes to fill my survey. You don't have to be neither explicit nor correct (I'm just desperate to pass 😂) - just help your fellow ib student! Here's the link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VZHLVVX Thank you and cheers!

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