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  1. afern98

    History HL/SL Route 2: Peacemaking Paper 1 discussion

    For the cartoon I said the purpose was also to show how Austria-Hungary was basically left to take the terms of the treaty without having agreed to them (the fact that the bottle had instructions on it and there was no one else, as if they'd just been left with the bottle). I actually surprised myself and got to question 4 with about 25-30 minutes left so I think I got a really solid answer to that one.
  2. afern98

    English A Literature HL Paper 1

    I said the same thing about distancing! I put it down to being because the division between Mom and Swamp Wrestler was so artificially created that the narrator couldn't keep it up and that it was all for the tourists.
  3. afern98

    English A Literature HL Paper 1

    I had a similar thing with the tourists, though I didn't touch on the wealth aspect. I looked at it more through the lens of how the tourists were using the island residents' culture for their own entertainment but how it didn't seem like a true representation of the culture (with the massive difference between the mother's persona as Hilola and as a mother and a few other examples I'm blanking on). For the perspective I also talked about how the narrator seems to almost be in between because they sit with the tourists to watch it but also have seen it so many times they know what's going on.
  4. afern98

    English A Literature HL Paper 1

    I also did Swamplandia! but I thankfully got everything I wanted to talk about in. I liked the poem but didn't feel like I could write that much on it. I talked about the relationship between the narrator and both parents and how they switch from personal to impersonal and some other stuff I don't really remember right now!
  5. afern98

    IA Help

    To add to what Aisha Muq. said, you want to specify help and hurt. Leaving it that open makes it way too easy to either go over the word limit or not address all aspects of your question. Try to start focusing in on a particular facet (or maybe a couple facets) of the party that it helped or hurt.
  6. afern98

    Math IA Survey

  7. afern98

    Hot or Not? IB edition

    Hot because your picture is brilliant
  8. The way my school works is there was no pre-IB, but I want to assure you that I also noticed my grades slip when I moved from middle school to high school. It's a really big transition and it takes some getting used to. Try talking to your teachers about studying strategies they think will work for you. Also, try not to let this get you down too much: it's freshman year, it's pre-IB, I promise it isn't the end of the world. Yes, it's disheartening to see your grades drop like this but it's also completely and utterly normal. Use this time as a point to build a really good work/study ethic and you'll see really big improvements going forward
  9. afern98

    Any tips for starting the IB?

    Definitely agree with the post above about taking notes being very personal. I tend to take my notes in a pretty relaxed form (just bullet points and indentations stuff like that), but in maths I write verbatim what my teacher puts on the board because I don't really understand maths if I write it in my own words. I can't stress this enough though: take detailed notes and make sure they're organised: you're going to need to be able to look back at your notes in two years time and know what you were on about! In terms of the workload just try your best to stay on top of it. Don't leave things to the last minute, as tempting as it might be. The more effort you put in now the more your teachers will be able to help you! On the subject of teachers, don't be afraid to go to them for extra help. Even with subjects you're doing well in, go to the teacher and talk about how you can get better. History is by far my strongest class but I talk to my teacher all the time about how to get my essays that bit better. I'm taking English HL, so the best advice I can give you there is to do the reading! It's really tempting to skive off and just read a summary, but don't do that. It'll hurt you in the long run. If you struggle at all with close reading try to get that sorted out ASAP, it'll make your life a lot easier (trust me, I only just really got the hang of it with poetry and I wish I'd done it sooner). For French (I'm in SL, but I think I can still give some advice here), make a vocab list and write down grammar rules. The rules can get confusing at times and there are a lot to remember, so write them all in one place. Whenever you learn a verb, write down the conjugations. All of this will just mean you can really quickly go back and refresh your memory.
  10. afern98

    Offer- holders 2016

    Predicted 38 or 39. Applied for History at Durham, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Nottingham and History & International Relations at Exeter. Offers from Durham (38, 666 HL), Cardiff (33, 6 in History 5 in another HL), Nottingham (36, 6 in History) and Exeter (36). Still waiting to hear back from Edinburgh. At this point I don't think I'm going to go for Edinburgh as firm or insurance so I just want to hear back so I can submit decisions!
  11. afern98

    Prescribed Titles 2016 Discussion

    Mine's due November 10th. We had an unpacking/outline of the prompt a couple weeks ago. Yes I know, right! I chose Q 3, and right now I have so many different things I want to write about and examples, I honestly don't know what to choose.. I'm in the same boat! I'm doing Q 3 and I've got so many examples I think I'm going to write them all out and then cut any of the weaker/less developed ones.
  12. afern98

    subject choices

    I feel like the second one's better (I'm not an expert, but I think physics will probably help you more with engineering than bio), not sure about your mechanical engineering question, but I don't see why you wouldn't be able to.
  13. afern98

    History SL/HL Help

    The benefit of hindsight is that we know how everything played out. So for instance, in hindsight we know that the US invading Iraq caused a very long drawn out war. This might make us more inclined now to say it was a stupid decision, but it's important to keep in mind that we know information the US didn't know at the time. It's basically the idea that hindsight is 50/50 and that you have to keep in mind that you know more than the people you're analysing did. Basically just ask yourself: was the October Revolution started by people at the bottom of the Russian hierarchy or was it started by someone near the top? That'll help you talk about revolutions from the bottom and revolutions from the top.
  14. afern98

    AP and IB

    It varies from subject to subject. I know that my school does the Enviro course as AP/IB because they have very similar syllabuses, but some courses will be more different. You'll definitely have the skill set you need for the AP exam from taking an IB course, so you might have to pick up an AP book to study and brush up on anything you didn't learn, but you'd definitely have the ability to do it.
  15. afern98

    Extended Essay Biology- uncertain about length

    It's just a guideline so you're better off keeping it around where you are instead of adding pointless words or repeating yourself. That being said, you might want to go through the Biology part of the EE guide and make sure you've got everything they want, and then go through your essay and make sure everything is explained well as it would hurt to add another 100 or 200 words. But definitely it's quality over quantity at this stage!

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