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  1. I was planning to do my written task on Doll's house by Henrik Ibsen from part 3 of our course, and I was hoping I would work on a diary entry by Nora. So I just wanted to clarify if it is okay to change the setting or time period of the play? such as set it in a modern time or change its cultural context. Any help appreciated
  2. ven1997

    EE in Psychology help

    I am currently struggling with my Research question fro my EE in psychology. I intent on doing it on dreams or something related to unconscious mind so I had come up with the topic - 'How does our unconscious mind channel our dream state' but my supervisor tells me to look at the 'function' of dreams, if I am so keen. She says that dream psychology is not a very 'knowable' field, and is hard to find valid research studies, so it would be better if I could come up with a different topic altogether. However I feel I can come up with a good essay as I am deeply interested in this topic. Please suggest any ideas on how I can approve upon the same.
  3. ven1997

    Group 4 Ideas?

    Hi! So we just got over with our G4, and from what I have understood is that you just need a narrowed down topic so as to decide what you will do in each subject area and interlink it accordingly since your topic is environment you can probably come up with say for example pollution in the environment so from the chemistry perspective you can analyse different samples of water pollution and the amount of pollutants in the city and then with biology you can use this data to see how it affects one's health similarly in physics you can analyse how nuclear plants generate pollution then you can as a whole conclude how these factors affect our environment. You can also choose a somewhat more narrowed down topic and elaborate on it further, hope this helps
  4. Thanks for the advise I shall do so!
  5. Please suggest if this is a good article for my commentary. http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2015/apr/02/carbon-floor-price-hike-will-trigger-uk-coal-slowdown-say-analysts Also is it possible that we choose an article that tis related to both macro and micro economics but is analysed from the micro point of view for commentary 1. any help is appreciated
  6. ven1997

    EE in Psychology

    Hi all! I am currently struggling with a research question for my extended essay in psychology. I am planning to explore the field of dream psychology and I have been reading about freudian theories of dreams and unconscious mind for the past year as I am deeply interested in this field, These were the topics that I initially came up with: 1. To what extent do dreams relate to everyday reality? 2. How can lucid dreaming be rendered as a part of our imagination? 3. To what extent can lucid dreaming help us gain insight about ourselves? 4. How does our unconscious mind determine and channel our dream state? However my teacher tells me that writing on dreams would not make up a good essay at is not a very 'known field' to work on. So I was hoping to come up with something related to our unconscious mind but comparatively more precise, also would it be suitable to write on REM sleep and how it affects our dream processes? Please suggest any ideas or topics that I can work upon.

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