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  1. mackenzie.kay

    Historical figures displaying the IB traits

    What historical figure showed all of the IB learner profiles?
  2. mackenzie.kay


    Actually yes. They did tell me I was going to do it Confession: I want to drop IB because my teacher hates me :/ oops guess: next person will confess they love IB
  3. mackenzie.kay

    History IA question

    For my history IA my topic is American Isolation in WW2. My teacher said how it helped the USA would be to broad, so I should do how it hindered the USofA. 1. How did the American Isolation hinder us? 2. What can my question be?
  4. mackenzie.kay

    History extended essay help!

    I am doing my extended essay in history and ethics. I want to research how medical experiments like the Nazi experiments actually helped advance medicine. I am not saying the Holocaust was a good thing or a bad thing. I am wanting to research those experiments and see how they helped out later in the 1900's and the 2000's. Then, I will actually be writing my entire thing based on whether or not it is ethically moral to perform tests on WILLING prisoners. By this, I mean they have to give full consent to the tests and be informed of what is to happen. This could reduce their sentence by a few years. This is only for WILLING people. Not innocent people who were not given a choice. So, my question here is, how can I make a good question out of this?
  5. We have to do a task 1 for my English class and I want a really good topic, because I need a good grade. We are doing Language and persuasion in media. Thanks! Creativity is key!
  6. mackenzie.kay


    I was thinking about doing the same topic just in history. My topic might be How have the changing of tactful wars changed the PTS rates of soliders" something like that. Maybe you could do something a little different. If you know how to better my question, that would be amazing!!!
  7. mackenzie.kay

    History Internal Essay Help

    I love history, so narrowing down to one question is hard, but is this a good question for my Internal Essay? To what extent did the separation of the United States from the rest of Europe hinder the US in World War Two? If you can reword it in a better way, please do.
  8. mackenzie.kay

    Extended Essay

    I am doing my EE in Biology, and a few of my ideas have been turned down because of equipment or needing an experiment. How does this topic sound? I want to do something with different colored lights and albino plants. Too easy? Too hard? Already been done? Any other ideas are appreciated
  9. mackenzie.kay

    Biology extended essays - Topic?

    Is this a good topic for my Biology Extended Essay - I want to do my topic either on nutrition or sleep, and how it will effect students in a normal school week while still maintaining efficiency, emotional and social stability, and healthiness.
  10. mackenzie.kay

    Biology Extended Essay Topic Help

    I was put into this topic because it was the most unwanted of the subjects. However, I cannot change my subject. I need help finding a good topic to research about that includes genetics. Genetics is my favorite biology topic to talk about. Thanks for the help!!!
  11. mackenzie.kay

    Movies that defy physics

    I do not watch many movies, so I do not know many scenes that defy physics. Does anyone know any good movies that defy physics? And maybe how they defy. Thanks a bunch!!!
  12. My partner and I are very, very creative people when it comes to projects. We have so many ideas floating through our brains. It is a blessing, but also a curse since we cannot decide on which idea to use. Our topic is Language and Archetypes. 1) Hollywood News- breakdown of characters 2) Movie roll castings. Re-do Oedipus with modern famous people 3) Act out different tragic flaw types and have class guess If anyone has ideas or has a site I can check out, please help!!!
  13. My friend and I are doing our FOA (further oral assessment) next week. We have language and archetype and we need ideas for how to do awesome. My teacher is the strictest grader in our school, so I think we really need help. Thank you

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