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  1. For biology, I would strongly recommend the Pearson book. It has some flaws, but in general, it got me through HL biology just fine. It's quite a colourful book with many diagrams and "to-the-point" information. I found it very easy to go through for these reasons.
  2. I think one of my peers did something similar. It was the only question that truly stumped me. Overall, a great exam, though!
  3. I believe for the odd I got 0, and for the even I got an expression like 2^(n-1) * (1-n) or something like that, but I don't exactly remember. What were your thoughts on the very last question (the one with the inequality)?
  4. I don't think that there is necessarily much competition between IB and non-IB students for a place in university. The difficulty of IB courses is made up for by applying the mark "conversion" (I am a graduating IB student in that area in Canada, so I know this). The courses are still more difficult, but this conversion ensures that IB students can be considered by universities more fairly. Regarding teachers, I am sorry to hear about the situation with the math teacher. Unfortunately, there are many inadequate teachers in the IB program (I know this because I have experienced many such teachers myself). However, it is unfair to blame the entire IB program for the faults of a certain, or a handful, of teachers. While I do agree that the IB program is not for everyone, I do not believe it is just to claim that IB students are at a disadvantage to non-IB students in Canada.
  5. I'm doing discrete mathematics. I feel kind of ready but I don't feel that I'm as good at graph theory as I am at topics in the core syllabus.
  6. Paper 1 had some tricky questions, but I thought it was a good paper overall. Paper 2 was simply a pleasure to write...all of the questions were straightforward and it was an extremely fair exam. All of my colleagues and also my teacher found the paper 2 to be very good, especially in comparison to past papers. I'll be honest, it was the easiest paper I have written thus far.
  7. I did TZ1 and I honestly found it to be harder than paper 1, mostly as it was very long... Unfortunately I left one question blank, and I was unable to solve another, but I answered all of the section B questions so I still believe that I did well. The goat question was particularly unpopular among my classmates and I.
  8. Yes, your teacher didn't give it to you?
  9. I did TZ1 and I think it was slightly harder than the specimen, but still manageable. The strange question, in my opinion, was the final question where it asked to prove a certain expression. Besides that, I think that paper 1 was fine.
  10. I also wrote the TZ0 paper. I think that the question you are referring to was meant to have you evaluate simply the effectiveness of embryonic stem cells, and possibly compare this to that of the umbilical cord stem cells. That's how I interpreted it, anyway. I also answered 5a. I discussed the definition of an enzyme and how the active site works, mainly.
  11. The paper 1 was slightly more difficult than previous years (it required more thinking, in my opinion), but I thought that the paper 2 was fine. Considering the difficulty of the specimen papers, I think these two were not too easy, but not too difficult either.
  12. I got accepted to UoT for their life sciences program a few months ago. However, it is my last choice and I've already been accepted to my second choice, so I'm likely not going there.
  13. 1. HL Biology is by no means easy, but I find it to be easier than HL Chemistry, personally. Generally, the material is not particularly difficult. However, there is a lot to know, and it is definitely not simply memorizing facts. If you understand what you are learning and are able to think logically, then HL Biology should not be too hard, though. I recall that we recently dissected a pig's heart for the physiology unit, but I don't think that there was any other dissection. This could vary from school to school, though. 2. Personally, I love HL Math and find it to be much easier than what many say. However, I could be biased. The least I can say is that you must understand the material in HL Math enough to be able to combine what you have learned in various topics together for one question. It also helps to be able to think creatively when solving a question, but I believe that this comes with practice. 3. The Internal Assessment (IA) in math is an exploration paper on a topic that is not really included in the syllabus. For example, I am solving the brachistochrone problem for my own IA. At the higher level, it is expected that the exploration paper is sufficiently complex, so it could be difficult to do. However, if you find a topic that you find interesting, I would not necessarily say that it is too difficult to complete the IA. 4. If you enjoy math more than English, I would definitely advise you to take HL Math rather than HL English. While HL Math is obviously a rigorous course, I believe it would be better for you to choose it over something that you enjoy less and excel less at. Biology becomes very interesting (I think, at least) once you begin the IB, as it is not solely ecology (I must admit, I am not a fan of this topic either!). If you'd like, you could peruse the syllabus to see if you will enjoy the content. You begin to study topics such as biochemistry, DNA, evolution, etc., which may excite you more than ecology. I think it is quite an enjoyable course! Good luck with choosing your courses. I hope I was of some help!
  14. Nicely done! This is a good solution for a good question. Impressive! Thank you! While tricky, I'll admit that its solution is very elegant.
  15. Start off by trying to get the integral in terms of tanx somehow. I divided the numerator and denominator by (cosx)^2 to do so. Then, you should have this: Since the question said to substitute t=tanx, we can now substitute it. Also, we can substitute dt/dx as (secx)^2. This gives us: From here, we can do some "tricks" so that we can substitute t=a(tanu), where a is going to be 1/2. Finally, we can see that (secu)^2 cancels out with 1+(tanu)^2. This brings us towards the end... That should be the answer. Note that, at the end, I just substituted back the values for u and t, and also did some simplification of the radicals along the way. I'm not sure if this is the best method to solve the question, but this is the way I thought of when I was solving it! I hope I was of some help, and good luck!
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