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  1. IB Examiner

    Math Studies Survey - Please answer

    Not sure if you still need results but I did it anyways ^.^
  2. I've seen this topic come up a lot. For the new people doing their IA's try and change it up a little to make it more unique (Someone I know did the exact same thing).
  3. IB Examiner

    Math IA Survey

  4. IB Examiner

    Is god a mathematician?

    Is god a mathematician is a book written by Mario Livio. Quote from https://plus.maths.org/content/god-mathematician "The question of whether god is a mathematician refers to the apparently omnipotent powers of mathematics to describe the world we live in — its "unreasonable effectiveness", to use a phrase coined by physics Nobel Laureate Eugene Wigner in 1960. Evidence of this omnipotence is everywhere. The laws of physics, the movements of the stock market (though it may be hard to believe right now), the way our brain works, even chance events: all can be described in the language of mathematics. What's more, the mathematics required to solve a particular problem, for example to describe the nature of sub-atomic particles, has often been developed decades, or even centuries, before the problem was first posed. Time and time again, mathematics just happens to fit the bill perfectly. So is mathematics woven into the fabric of nature, independent of the human mind, but there for us to discover? Or is it a human invention? If it's the latter, then why does it apply to external physical phenomena at all?"
  5. IB Examiner

    High grade in Studies vs. Lower grade in SL

    Look at the admissions for the University you are trying to apply to. A lot of universities have prerequisite courses you need to take and complete. If they do not then hell, take studies and get a higher mark.
  6. IB Examiner

    IA copyright form?

    My best bet is a firm no, you do not need a copyright form. But you could email IBO if necessary.
  7. IB Examiner

    I dont get anything :(

    Math is a hard concept to grasp (for many) but easy to do once you understand the process. External sources like khan academy is a priceless tool that is amazing because they offer video tutorials, examples and quizzes.
  8. IB Examiner

    Maths Exploration

    Yeah you should come up with a RQ then ask for help but to point you in the right direction: http://vlab.amrita.edu/?sub=1&brch=194∼=354&cnt=1 Look at the application part. This should help somewhat.
  9. IB Examiner

    Advice please! about the IA

    It can be, as long as topic is within the HL math syllabus (Don't quote me on this). What do you plan on doing after you model? Are you finding the correlation? "Students are expected to produce work that is commensurate with the level of the course. The mathematics explored should either be part of the syllabus, or at a similar level or beyond. It should not be completely based on mathematics listed in the prior learning."
  10. IB Examiner

    ITGS Health EE help

    I agree with Dosco, the question is too vague. I am not too sure what your question is asking, are you comparing electronic health records and paper-based systems? What exactly do you mean by upgraded to make electronic health records the best system to use?
  11. IB Examiner

    How to be survivor?

    What separates bright people and "not" so bright people is the ability to manage your time wisely. I don't believe that some people are 'naturally smarter' but rather they work a lot harder. Not only do you have to manage your time (DO NOT PROCRASTINATE) but you also need a clear cut studying strategy. Re-reading text books is a good idea but also reviewing the course syllabus, past tests and quizzes, reviewing past exams, external sources, help from teachers and peers is something you should be doing. But remember everyone has a different strategy for studying. Another good tip is to set a schedule for yourself. For example if you are studying for biology, dedicate a couple of hours understanding a specific topic. Look online for tests and quizzes after you re-read your notes. Make cue-cards for things you don't remember and practice everyday. Yes, the IB exams are a stressful time but study hard, get a good nights sleep and you should be fine .
  12. I know this is kind of late by here is my opinion. If you're considering your first approach then you have to consider 'what is failure?. Is what you view as a failure the same way I may view as failure? Failing financially? Socially? Some people are financially unstable but they are doing what they love, is this a failure? Failure to whom? The child or the parents. I would be more specific on the 'failure' part of your question because I think it's too vague and can be interpreted in many different ways. About your second approach; Authoritarian parenting style (Tiger moms) is a general term for mothers who are overly strict with her child in order to foster an academically competitive spirit. Yes, this prevalent in many Asian Americans but I am pretty sure there are European American parents that use the authoritarian approach. You must take this into consideration. Also your approach suggests that the authoritarian parenting style WORKS for Asian Americans, but in many instances it does not, leading to many suicides (look online for sources). And on the other hand you are suggesting that the authoritarian parenting style DOES NOT WORK for European Americans. Is this an all-inclusive quantifier? I am sure there are cases where it has worked. Another thing to think about is how do you really know if the authoritarian parenting style is working? Is it only considered "working" when all expectations are met? Is not meeting all the expectations deemed to be "not working"? Just things to think about.
  13. IB Examiner

    Getting into MiT

    Having 5s in IB really limits your application when applying to top tier Ivy league schools in the US. However even if you get all 6/7's in the IB diploma, this is only one of the many factors that goes into acceptance applications. - Must have exceptionally high ACT and/or SAT scores. - Most kids that get accepted to these top tier universities are also from vigorous programs like the IB and AP programs. You are competing with thousands of other applicants, what makes you stand out? MIT only has 7.9% acceptance rate. - If your in these high level programs you must achieve exceptionally good grades. - Must have demonstrated an exceptionally high set of leadership skills. No, volunteering at your local school is not enough. You must do something bigger. - And more. Although getting 5's is good in IB and it would land you into a good university in US/Canada, I would say applying to Ivy schools, this mark is not good enough. I am not discouraging you to try and apply but rather noting the difficulty of getting in.
  14. IB Examiner

    Math confusion

    I am getting 2 + 4log10 (a) Assuming 4 log (1/a) means 4log10 (1/a) and is not a typo We get this: 2log a (a) -4log10 (1/a) 2 - 4log10 (1/a) ;This is because we applied the log rule: log a (a) = 1 2 - 4 (-log10 (a)) ;This is because we applied the log rule: log a (1/x) = - log a (1/x) After refining we get: 2 + 4log10 (a)

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