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  1. Do you think this question for my extended essay is good enough? I am doing it in ess and my question is: To what extent can the ecological value of mangroves help in determining their economic value helping in their conservation? Is this question good enough? Or too broad?
  2. arimas

    NYUAD candidate weekends

    Did anyone get a reply from nyuad candidate weekend for early decision II? just out of curiosity.
  3. arimas

    English IOC

    Is it possible to simply "wing" my IOC? I have been studying for two weeks and I still feel so lost. My teacher is very useless and doesn't teach at all. When I go to him for extra help all he says doesn't make sense. Also the poems we have are almost impposible to find online. So I was wondering can I still pass the IOC? Btw I'm English lit (sl).
  4. arimas

    NYU AD acceptance

    Yes, but when I asked they said they don't have any numerical cutoffs. I also heard of people with 26 and even 24 IB points getting accepted. Maybe that's nyu in new york. I'm looking into the abu dhabi campus.
  5. arimas

    NYU AD acceptance

    I'm currently an IB in my last year of the program, and I'm concidering applying to NYU AD. But can I get accepted with only 28 IB points as a predicted? Keeping in mind that I'm taking both math and physics HL, I have many CAS activities and generally see myself as hardworking. What are my chances of getting accepted?
  6. I think the most important thing about the economics ee is collection of data so see which is the easiest or any good which you can get data about. with your data you can then observe the patterns and see which structure it fits into

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