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  1. Thank you to all of you for your swift replies. I am currently taking 7 subjects, and although I have been doing fine throughout the year with them, my university offers depend only on my six main subjects. I have therefore been contemplating whether or not to prioritise my time on my other subjects for the exam. I don't actually expect to fail my 7th, more of a worst-case-scenario kind of thing. It's always nice to know where you stand and what future courses might be. Thanks again.
  2. Hello everyone, I was wondering what happened if you failed your addition 7th subject? Do you still get you diploma? Does it depend on the subject? Thanks beforehand
  3. Could anyone please help me? I am writing my HI on the extent to which militant actions of the suffragettes were helpful or detrimental towards the introduction of women's suffrage in the UK, and I am really confused... I think I have understood the other parts, but what sort of thing does under section B? I plan on including a summary of two opposing historiographical views of their actions, but I'm not sure what else belongs there. I have already written a summary about the development of militarism within the WSPU, but that is just general stuff I can find with one footnote to Encyclopedia Britannica. What kind of other things would go there? I considered the responses of people and politicians, but that goes under analysis, right? I have some letters I am using, but I need to analyse them before I can put them in the summary, so that wouldn't really work, would it? Please help me, I am so confused... That would be cool indeed. I considered writing my HI on the reliability of Wikipedia, but my teacher shot me down...
  4. Maybe try rephrasing it to something including intent and consequence? That would make it seem less biased, I think.
  5. I'm not sure about history, but would focusing on only Qing or Romanov give you a tighter paper? Also, if possible, choose a topic that you like. I agree. You should probably choose one of the two. I originally had two aspects I wanted to consider in my EE and I wasted an incredible amount of time on research before I realized they would not be able to fit within the word limit. It's better to be very specific and thorough, rather than not have enough space and be penalised because of not going into sufficient depth. I would suggest you choose a topic you somewhat enjoy, at least. Otherwise you will find yourself with no motivation to finish it, as well as risking a lower quality essay... Good luck!
  6. We are 85 people at my school this year doing the IB (mixed IB and Danish school), out of which I think maybe 10 (including myself) are taking 4 HLs. Some people are doing it because they need a certain subject combination for Uni, while others can't decide what they want to do; the number of people with 4 HLs decreased drastically in October when the workload started to get heavier and people decided. I'm still doing 4 because, well, I want to work more with those subjects. I was told I was going to kill myself with the combination (Maths, Physics, Chem and English A1) but it is actually quite manageable is you organize your time a bit. In terms of more time at school it hasn't actually been all that bad since I had a lot of free periods to begin with. Something I love about our school is that we are allowed to keep having 4 Highers and take and extra SL subject on a separate diploma.
  7. So I'm nearly done with the essay (I'm searching for somewhere I can cut down 250 words) and it's time for me to write the abstract... Although we've been give plentiful advice on the actual essay, this part is quite dim to me. I know the word limit is 300 words (and of course I'll go way over that, as usual ), but other than that I don't know much about what exactly it should contain and in how much detail...? Is it just my conclusion all over again, or? Thanks beforehand.
  8. Yes, that shouldn't be a problem. You will have to find an adequate supervisor, though (a teacher from your school, maybe?) and I'd also advise you only to go through with it if you are very confident in the topic you are choosing. But other than that, good luck! What are you writing about?
  9. Indeed! I'm semi-abusing my footnotes... Oh well, thanks for the help with source analysis, people! Much appreciated.
  10. Cool! Almost makes me regret I didn't write about Harry Potter...
  11. 10^12 times thanks to both of you. I think I'll keep working in that direction! I hope I can keep it within the word limit...
  12. As for the aspect of modern times, I think I mention that already in the introduction (the renovation of science and the lot). Since it's source analysis I reached a series of conclusions about the reliability of the sources and mentioned how this showed the most likely scenarios of action during the event. I have also included possibilities for further broadening and investigation within the topic, and my supervisor says that I'm not lacking in what the essay should contain, rather that some are underdeveloped (if that makes sense?). My supervisor is very keen on me being more explicit about my findings (apparently they are more "between the lines"), but when I wrote a version including the results I has obtained it was apparently too much of a list... So my question is therefore how you go about concluding for source analysis (I have written loads of history essays before, but never from this angle) showing the significance of the results without it becoming a summary? I'm curious, though. What TOK aspects did you address? I think my first draft had some lines about "the truth" in history and so forth, but that was the first thing she told me to delete... T_T
  13. I'm writing an EE in history, but I'm guessing this is the right place for me to post this. If not, sorry. Anyhow, my essay is a source analysis in terms of sources' description of the invasion of Spain by the Moors. The problem is, my supervisor isn't happy with my conclusion no matter how many times I rewrite it (the rest of the essay is great, but concluding was never my strong suit). So my question is if anyone has some pointers or tips? Does anyone have an old source-analysis essay I could have a copy of? Anything, really. I'm becoming quite exasperated... Thanks!

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