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  1. To what extent does language plays role in the mathematical world?
  2. Hi, don't hold yourself with just one paragraph while writing comparative essays. But instead, try to connect the dots between them and prove the readers what makes those three books have strings tied to them & why you chose them. If you're going for a comparison for three different books, make sure that you really understand those three books just like how you understand yourself; really, no joke! I was going to make a comparison with two different books and it made me realize that I know the other book better & I was biased while making the comparison since I liked the other book. As a conclusion, make an outline of your essay first. Know what to say and rethink whether or not you can expand them (with full support and great points) into a 4000 word essay. And, good luck!
  3. Why don't you choose some of the civil rights? Focus on a few things for example the right to vote or freedom of speech. That would probably make you essay looksguided and has its own intention.
  4. Hi, I guess we're in the same situation just I'm taking it in a different country. As far as I'm concerned, my IB coordinator told me that if I would like to retake the test in November, I will have to give my decision and register by July 15th, 2015. Regarding which school offers retakes, you can check all the school that offers the IB in that area and contact them personally. My IB Coordinator, said that asking them first would be the best choice because some school never offers retake but if we ask, they may be able to. Regards and good luck.
  5. I read To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf during my 12th grade and I was in taking it as a part of my HL course. I feel like you can talk more about that book. Plus, I guess Jane Eyre is pretty repetitive. Good luck!
  6. I guess you can tell the difference when you check the marking criteria. Both of the essays may make sense and provide enough arguments but if it's not following the criteria, it's not a TOK essay. One KQ should be just fine. I mean, if that's going to help guide your essay, it's up to you.
  7. Hi, My friend is planning to change to a new school since his dad is moving to another country. During grade 10, he was in a different school and in grade 11, he changed to a new school as well. He might be moving to a new school for his final year. Is it wise for him to change to a new school? He's currently living in his own country and the school that he goes provide dormitories and everything. I strongly disagree but it seems like I'm lacking argument points to say no. Help me.
  8. I was in the same situation as you guys by the end of the year last year; sort of clueless, lack of motivation to complete anything, I also felt like the need to finish them quickly was none. So I just wrote a really basic thesis which sums up my thoughts about the topic and I also included some of the research I made at that time (which was too little). As summer went by, I kept revising my essay and still, I was procrastinating and lack of ideas and other of where to go. But as the new term started, our supervisor gave us a bunch of examples of thesis and research paper (related/similar to my approach of my EE), I started getting some ideas and it somehow drew a map in my mind, of what should I do and what should I include in my essay. If you're lacking of motivation or too busy, it's better for you to just write your personal thoughts about your EE topic first, then do the same thing as I did. And yes, you still need to have a draft before holiday so that your supervisor can tell you what to do and not do in your essay. One of my schoolmate had to write a new EE, with different topic almost 2 weeks before the essay was supposed to be sent. Yes, 2 weeks, 4000 words of thesis for IB. Hope this helped!
  9. Start planning what you're going to write in your first year of IB. During summer, spend some time elaborating your ideas and doing research. Beginning of the second year, try to outline what you found during the summer and first year, see how it's going.
  10. I'm a huge fan of music. Whether it's just going to be a short walk, a short bus trip, I need music. All the time. Silence scares me and sometimes silence can get really loud that it distracts me (too much oxymoron). When I study, I need music. Whether it's a song that I always listen (from my iPod) or songs that I regularly listen to from playlists created by other people (8tracks.com--this is an amazing website, you choose your mood, such as studying and it gives you a bunch of instrumental or calm musics), it doesn't matter. Some people argue that during the test, I won't be able to listen to music and for me, that's not a problem or distraction at all. Because during the test, my mind switch to the exam mode and I start to focus on what's given in the test and not feel distracted by the silence at all.
  11. I got into Computer Systems Engineering in Perth, Australia. IB: 36 TOEFL: 112/120 SAT: 1540/2400 GPA: 3.4
  12. I want to be a computer engineer; I want to know about the systems, I want to know the codes, I want to know how to fix them.
  13. I somehow like the idea. We can post tips accordingly and remind each other on what to cover.
  14. We've been running through the maze and now, any of us can be the best of the Maze Runner! We can do this and good luck guys!
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