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  1. I'm really worried about my friend and I was wanting to have something to tell him to see what his chances are. He told me when he submitted his essays for the world lit assignment 1 and 2 they were of poor quality and the word count was low/miscounted. I don't want to ask the coordinator about his situation since he'll think that I'm getting into other people's business but I really care a lot about my friend. Will this automatically discredit him from getting the IB Diploma, or is it possible for him to turn it around with his other submitted documents/tests? Personally, I fear the worse is going to come, but I'd like some sort of confirmation or something of the sort. If anyone could help with this dilemma, that'd be greatly appreciated.
  2. In my extended essay, my research question is "Comparison and Analysis of Commercial Antacids". My IB coordinator suggested however that I turn that into a real question somehow and that all of the EEs with perfect scores had their research question in the form of a question (though I have saw some good ones before without an actual question as their research question). How does the IB look at these kinds of things? If anyone could quickly assist me with this, I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. NetAN

    Parallels and Parallelograms

    I know, but I figured that this was an IB forum, so I thought that there would be somebody that would have dealt with this and would like to offer some assistance. Isn't there also a VIP system and a rep system to encourage this? I would never expect someone to go through the whole project and help me with it, but I thought that since the IB is such a big international program, there was bound to be someone on this site that has already done a portfolio like this and would like to help. also, the lack of help on other things I have asked goes along with my previous statement also also, I disagree heavily with those anonymous persons that said my previous comments were useless.
  4. NetAN

    Parallels and Parallelograms

    *sigh* I wish there was an IB forum that actually responds the day you post something. The lack of help on this forum is pitiful sometimes.
  5. NetAN

    Parallels and Parallelograms

    ok, I guess I was going about the general statement all wrong. I know I got it now. But now I am faced with a new dilema. Do you guys know what it is meant when they say "now extend your results to m horizontal parallel lines intersected by n parallel transversals"? also, I'm just getting confused on the rest of the paper as well (like discuss its scope and/or limitations, display the results in a spreadsheet, etc.) can someone help me with this I hate it that no one ever responds to me when I need help the most on this website.
  6. NetAN

    Parallels and Parallelograms

    I'm doing this portfolio as well I tried making a general statment in the form of an equation, but when I tried it and asked my teacher, all he said was that it wasn't general enough because I kept refering to the previous parallelograms for each problem. So if I was solving for P(n), P being the number of parallelograms and n being the number of transversals, my formula would only be helpful if you knew P(n-1), which would mean you would have to know P(n-2), P(n-3), P(n-4)..... So anyone have any suggestions on other ways I can approuch this, or another perspective on the matter or whatnot? I am seeing the pattern between the number of n and the number of P, but I'm having trouble in putting this without referencing to anything else. Thanks for all assistance in advance. edit: also, for those struggling on the meaning of set notation: its not that difficult. Google it, ask your teacher, or just look on the example in the paper.
  7. NetAN

    - Fishing Rods Type 2

    thanks, I realized that when I found out I just plugged the numbers in wrong. I'm somewhat stuck now though on what it means by "discuss its reasonableness". What does that mean?
  8. NetAN

    - Fishing Rods Type 2

    ok, I managed to figure out that my teacher used that answer off the top of his head as an example, but not caculated from his example, so I was doing my work alright anyway. but now I'm stuck on the polynomial part (I tried looking through the whole thread, but it still didn't help me). I've already tried using a 7th-order (7th-order meaning ax^7+bx^6 and so on) equation but it didn't hit all the points. Then I tried using the initial guide at the tip of the rod to make it a 8th-order equation, using the point (0,0) for it, but that ended up with a errror singular mat., meaning the determinate was zero, so no answer could show up. I'm stuck at this point and I really need help asap!!! somone please find it in their heart to respond a.s.a.p.
  9. NetAN

    - Fishing Rods Type 2

    can someone help me out with the "define suitable variables, discuss parameters/constraints" part? I've been reading through this whole thread and my teacher tried using matrices, but after looking back on his work for his example (not the real thing), I could resolve the problem and get the same answer, making me very wary of my own work so far. He used these three points: (-4, 0), (-1, 4), (1, 9) and then used the formula ax^2 + bx + c =y then he made the multiple equations: 16a - 4b + c =0 a - b + c =4 a + b + c =9 Then he put them in matrices |16 -4 1| |a| |0| |1 -1 1 | |b| = |4| |1 1 1 | |c| |9| then he solved for a, b, and c, using wat I'm guessing as taking the inverse of the 3 x 3 matrix and mutiplying it to the 3 x 1 matrix, but I'm not sure. He then gets |2 | as his a,b,c matrix and plugs it back in his equation to the equation y=2x^2 - 2x + 1 |-2| |1 | but when I tried that I got my abc matrix to be |7/30 | |5/2 | |94/15| can someone help me out and tell me how I messed up. The sooner you post, the better. I need the help asap!
  10. [quote name='Mike' post='43240' date='Apr 13 2009, 07:13 PM']Topic re-opened.[/quote] thanks for settling that matter. I've recently researched that ethylene gas can affect plants while they still are seeds: that's amazing! I think I've almost got my topic narrowed down. The effects of ethylene gas on the different stages of life of _____. I still need a plant to do it on though. I was thinking of some sort of fruit. First I thought of banana seeds but quickly realized that basically all of the bananas sold are cloned and their seeds are basically extinct, lol. That and it would take too long to grow. Does anyone know a fruit that has a fairly quick growth to adulthood, as I need to be able to do experiments multiple times if nessesary.
  11. I'm tryin to do an extended essay over the effects of ethylene gas on produce, but I'm still confused. If anyone can leave me their Instant Messanger/meet on a chat room/be ready to pm constanistantly for atleast 20 minutes, then that would be great. I've been wasting days researching the effects of ethylene gas on plants, but I don't know how I could word a topic on it or what kinds of experiments I could run.

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