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  1. The Diploma Programme subject chosen for the extended essay does not have to be one of the subjects being studied by the student for his or her diploma. The list of available subjects, including groups 1 and 2, is given in the Vade Mecum. Extended essays cannot be submitted in theory of knowledge, school-based syllabuses and pilot subjects, with exceptions for the latter two categories listed in the Handbook of procedures for the Diploma Programme. Extract from EE guide First examinations 2013
  2. wojtek

    Is this EE topic a good idea?

    For English B I guess? It seems to be interesting. However, you need to have some sources. In my opinion it may be hard for you to collect them. There are probably few articles about that. You could also take into consideration different types of ads - TV, radio and newspapers. Other thing is where do you take the stereotypes from? Simply from your head or do you want to make a questionnaire? You should make some some bullet points what you want to cover in your work, sources you would like to use etc. Anyway the topic seems to be nice as it concerns culture + Check if this topic is not already taken many times so you would be too repetitive and cliche. I wish you luck
  3. wojtek

    Math Studies Paper 1

    I think P1 in TZ2 was harder than P2 haha in P1 I was wondering about x intercept for the function 1+(1/2x). GDC showed it's -2 and when i calculated it on my own it was -1/2. Still don't know the answer. Do you probably know it?
  4. wojtek

    Accuracy of the answers

    Hey! I was always told to round up all the answers to 3 significant figures. However when I was doing past papers, I saw that for instance exercises with future value demand 2 decimal places otherwise they do not award points. How come? Are there any more detaile rules? I appreciate all the answers as the exams are tommorow!
  5. wojtek

    Let's discuss about "Petition"

    It's true that the petition won't help us much. Grade boundaries should be lowered due to low perfomance of students per se and not due to our willingness to be lower. That would be ridiculous if we were to decide about what grade we want to get... On the other hand, the information flow and syllabus weren't prepared excellently. In my opinion some of the teachers were not aware of the details in the new syllabus and didn't focus on things that were on the exam. We had the discomfort to write the new assesment but we all do think that the papers were challenging thus the IBO should consider lower grade boundaries if the average will be lower. If the grade boundaries were lowered just because, the top students could feel undermined as they would score the same mark as average students. To sum up, the grade boundaries should fit our performance and I guess that IB will adjust them anyways.
  6. wojtek

    Biology Paper 1 & 2 HL

    Are tou sure it is not the other way round? There was a mistake in Oxford study guide..
  7. wojtek

    Biology Paper 1 & 2 HL

    I think it was proximal convoluted tubule and glucose because in the answer with villi in small intestine they suggested that enzymes are released by the villi; the pancreatic juices are released from pancreas though.
  8. wojtek

    Biology Paper 1 & 2 HL

    I don't really know what happed but it looks like we all have the same timezone TZ0 O.o Yeah i also mentioned induced fit model at some point as it shows specifity of an enzyme.. We are all hoping for low boundaries because for most people those papers were relatively though
  9. wojtek

    Biology Paper 1 & 2 HL

    So yeah it all depends on what you learnt the most.. i did well on specimen and found it quite easy compared to the yesterday's exam...
  10. wojtek

    Biology Paper 1 & 2 HL

    I agree, these were really hard papers! Some of the p1 questions were tricky and section A in p2 was also unusual. Section B I found rather easy, I chose 5 and 7 question, because I didn't feel comfortable with nephron.
  11. wojtek

    IB english B paper 1

    I wrote one of the guideline from the box on the right side of the page
  12. wojtek

    IB english B paper 1

    haha true then you might be right.. petite details make English B so difficult
  13. wojtek

    IB english B paper 1

    I know :/ Most of the time you understand the whole gist and what is the text about but the answers are so similar that it is really hard to get the right one
  14. wojtek

    IB english B paper 1

    I chose predict because they did not discuss the other ways radio can develop but only one straightforward way that it will become more social via online media. This way they predict the way it develops. See that in the text future simple was used the most as a tense
  15. wojtek

    BIOLOGY 2016 (NEW Syllabus) EXAM

    The placenta question is literally killing me i even dream about it haha; the worst part is that even with the same questions they have different markschemes so i quite don't get that as well. Anyway I wish you good luck tommorow and hope that the questions will be at least straightforward

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