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  1. Lol hated that question. Usually probably is super straight-foward, but that question got me like
  2. I don't know what numbers they were, but I did Martin Luther King's importance to the Civil Rights Movement, the extent to which political factors were the main cause of the Cuban Revolution, and (the success of?) Vargas in solving the issues presented by the Great Depression... Loved the questions; hoping it goes well! All three history papers and the IA were my favorites of any, so I'm hoping for the best. History is so subjective that its always hard to know..
  3. I'm TZ1 also and I did the same questions on paper 2 (6 and 9) and did Astrophysics too (I was supposed to do Relativity as well because that's what my teacher "taught" us, but he explained it so poorly that I taught myself option I (medical physics) instead because I thought it was more interesting ). I wasn't feeling too hot on paper 1, but paper 2 and 3 were pretty okay... I'm glad questions 6 and 9 were on paper 2 because those were the ones I studied more than other topics...
  4. I'm TZ1 and I did the questions about the extent to which popular support was important to two single-party states (#14?) and evaluating the importance of Nkrumah in liberating Ghana (#21?). I'm feeling pretty confident, but nervous that I maybe didn't think my answers all the way through (literally no time to do so), or didn't include enough super specific support to get that 7... We'll see what happens; right now I'm just a nervous wreck for paper 3...
  5. Thought it went much much better than paper 1 (TZ1)! Got through all of them (except ran out of time of stupid helicopter jumping man whatever he was doing, still mad that I'll lose that much points on it...) and it took me forever (like upwards 10 minutes hahaha) to figure out what I was doing wrong on the area of a triangle because I couldn't get the area below 10 cm^2 for awhile lol. But otherwise; no painful vector/plane/death questions! Hooray!
  6. I got into engineering programs (biomedical) at Brown, UCLA, UC Berkeley, University of Southern California, CalPoly, UT Austin (which were all the engineering programs I applied to! At my other schools, I applied to applied mathematics mostly)... Some really tempted me, but I ended up picking Yale-NUS (in Singapore) instead. Quarter tuition to UCLA, half to USC, something to CalPoly (can't remember), with 34 ACT, 740 Math II but excellent recommendations and ECAs (I'm really into creative writing/african history with unique sports and a lot of leadership, which may have let me stand out amongst the engineering applicants...). Super happy/blessed with how the process went!
  7. HL here (TZ1) and I did the question on comparing how poets establish and maintain a personal connection with the reader (for poetry, obviously. I think it was question 6...). I really liked the question! I did William Blake versus Elizabeth Bishop (memorized 16 whole poems for this exam... Can't stop won't stop), comparing four specific poems from each against each other that highlight a different method/aspect of the "personal connection." I wouldn't change anything in hindsight, so I'm hoping and wishing for the best!
  8. I feel the same exact way! I hope I got everything I did answer right, because I had at least 40-50 points off already from not getting to the problems...... Way harder (and definitely did worse) than any past paper 1 test I took for practice! Here's to hoping the other papers make up for it...
  9. I'm HL too and I did option E (Astrophysics) and option I (Medical Physics). I option I (best out of any practice test I took from the past couple years; it had everything I liked!). Felt just okay on option E (didn't study it too much/at all...).
  10. I did HL in TZ1... I thought both paper 1 and paper 2 were way harder than any of the practice exams I took (May 2013/2012 in both Time Zones)! I did 6 & 9 on section B... just praying that I got something right on them...
  11. I did the poem "Meditation on a Bone" for TZ1 HL. Didn't even read the prose piece (something about London??? That's all I saw ) I actually really liked the poem (more so than any practice exam poem I've had!) and felt pretty confident about my response (talked about the invasion of selfishness and idiosyncratic desire in anecdotal interpretations of history). Hope that's not false confidence though... I guess we'll see come July...
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