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  1. Sandwich: Well, whether or not the invasion of Iraq was warranted is a matter of personal opinion. And in fact, the United Kingdom was in agreement with the United States at the time of the invasion. The United States and the United Kingdom agreed, together, that because Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, that they posed a significant threat to our allies closest to Iraq. That is why we invaded Iraq together, killing Suddam Hussein. That, in my opinion, was worth the invasion.
  2. schulzeug1: In the context that I meant the statement, it doesn't matter. The fact that the United States has the ability to punish North Korea is what matters. I was talking about how North Korea fears the United States and not the other way around. As far as North/South Korean relations, I'm not sure. As far as I know, they did have families that were split apart meet for a short, regulated time. I do not know when this happened.
  3. A couple of things: 1. I don't know precisely the reasons for the war with Vietnam, so I won't go there. I do know one thing, you don't live in a country where Al Queda killed thousands of our own in an attack on September 11th. You have no idea what damage they caused to our country. That is the reason we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. To search for them. Those invasions were definitely not ****-ups. 2. I never said I supported what occurred at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I did say that the United States could do the exact same to North Korea, and North Korea knows it. You took that comment out of context. Read the passage again. It pertained to why North Korea fears the United States.
  4. Let me correct myself. I feel that it is not an attack that North Korea could back up, nor something anyone needs to worry about. They may have a large military but they have no means to fight the world. They have no food to feed their army either. They do not have any real allies that could give them food. They are too isolated. In contrast, with the president that we have right now, we may have something to worry about. He is too passive toward organizations that threaten the United States. It's hard to tell. No one really knows the power that North Korea has because they are so secretive. One thing is for sure, the world would never allow North Korea to do any damage. The U.S. would blow them off the map just like we did to Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War 2. So to answer your question, sure it was an attack. Should the United States worry about it? I don't think so. With regards to North Korea posing a threat to South Korea, they wouldn't dare make a move. Furthermore, North Korea has the most to fear out of any country in the world. If the United States were to find out that North Korea were planning an attack, which we would, they would regret it. As docile as President Obama is, he would not put up with instigation from North Korea. There is good reason to believe that North Korea fears the United States, as they should. To start out, North Korea does not fear South Korea in the least. They fear the countries that supply the South Korean Army: France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Because however weak these countries may be alone, North Korea wouldn't stand a chance against them if they fought in unison. Moreover, the West doesn't have to worry about mentioning a war. It is the other way around. North Korea better be darn careful not to instigate the rest of the world, especially the United States. I just read an article by "The Guardian" a few hours ago which read: "The foreign ministry in Pyongyang denied responsibility for the the highest-profile corporate hack in history, and said there would be grave consequences if Washington refused to collaborate on an investigation and continued to blame it." This is a perfect example of North Korea making themselves look ridiculous. The United States, after hearing this, will not bat an eye. What grave consequences do they plan on imposing? A joke if you ask me. Overall, I agree with what you are saying. I just doubt North Korea's abilities more so than you do.
  5. I don't know. China is part of the United Nations. Would a UN country fight against other UN countries?
  6. I agree with most that you stated. As far as the attack, I feel that it really wasn't an attack. North Korea has a big mouth but little to back it up with. For example, earlier this year there was a scare about their increasing of nuclear power. I feel that this was a pure show to get attention for their country. As far as I am concerned, I think that North Korea is a poor country that spends all of its money on its weak military. When are they going to use that military? I am not sure. From what I can tell, they don't have an ally with any military power worth mentioning in the world. Sony just showed the weakness of the United States by cancelling the film. They should have released it as planned, just to show North Korea that we don't give a hoot about them!
  7. Federal Investigators accused North Korea of conducting the hacking attack on Sony today. They hacked Sony because of a movie that was set to release on Christmas Day, called The Interview. It was a comedy surrounding the assassination of North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un. This is said to be the first known breach of private U.S. computers by North Korea. North Korea has publicly stated that they have no involvement in the matter, but stated that it was a good action by the hackers. The group that claims responsibility for the attack calls themselves the Guardians of Peace. They sent messages to Sony executives thanking them for canceling the release of The Interview. After the hackers threatened terrorist-type attacks on movie theaters that planned to show the film on Christmas Day, Sony canceled its release. What actions do you think the U.S. should take? Is this an attack? Should we feel threatened by North Korea? Above all, should Sony have canceled the release of a film based on threats from North Korea? Interested to hear what you think!
  8. You can never go wrong with chemistry. It seems like all of the sciences require a little bit of knowledge in chemistry. As far as the psychology, I don't know what to tell you. I am taking SL psychology this year and will be taking the test this spring. The course is pretty interesting but a lot of it is just memorizing studies that pertain to different mental processes. I think it is all up to you. You ultimately are the one who will be taking the courses and having to do well in them. I think that any courses you take in high school will help you succeed in college. Especially since we are taking IB. I do not think you could take a course that would not help you. Just enjoy yourself and the rest will work out by itself. Good luck!!
  9. Really, the God question can be taken back to one question. Do you believe that the world was created by chance or divine intervention? From there, you have some options. If you believe that the world was created by chance, consequently you are an atheist and will debate the God question with yourself no longer. But if you feel that the Earth was created by divine intervention, you have to decide what kind. And that is a whole new discussion. Any thoughts?
  10. MLA style does not use footnotes. Footnotes do not exist in MLA. You can put notes at the end of your work, but they are not footnotes. They are simply notes explaining your sources. If you mention where your information came from in a paraphrase you only list the page number(s) in parenthesis at the end of the borrowed information. If you ever need anyone to proof-read let me know! I would be happy to help you.
  11. It depends. A well-rounded research process requires a certain amount of time. Although this time is different for everyone, you need to ensure that you have at least 3 weeks to write. I know that sounds like a small amount of time but it is feasible. The Extended Essay consists of a lot of writing, but if you are effective in your writing it is very achievable. Here is a break-down of the three week research process: Week 1: Research, note taking, and organization Week 2: Write, write, and write some more Week 3: Edit, review, and re-edit With that being said, make sure you enjoy what you're writing about. If you cannot even bear to think about the subject, your writing process is going to feel like a century. Good luck! Personally message me if you need any help or need me to proofread your work. I would be happy to help you.
  12. I wonder a few things about I.B.. What is the organization's political association? It seems as though TOK is very liberal and illustrates a non-American stance. Any thoughts?
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