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  1. Hello guys! I'm new here to IBS and honestly, I made this account mainly for making this thread but I'll make sure to stick by later. I'm going to start IB next year in January and I already chose my subjects. I have a question. Is it possible for me to take physics at HL level with basically no prior knowledge of physics? (I did it 2 years ago but heh I forgot everything) I really want to work in the astrophysics field, which obviously requires physics. But universities requirements are really harsh (whyyyy) and demand Physics or Maths as HL. My school recommends people who haven't done the subject over the last two years to take it as SL but I honestly think it's a waste if I want to work with physics later. I could take Physics separately and do the A levels but I find it to be too much work. I just realised I wasted two years doing Chemistry for my IGCSE's when I could have taken Physics instead. Is it too late to catch up? Help me oh great people of IBS I still have a plan B but I want to know what you guys think first

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