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  1. chrisncal2

    Question about the English EE

    Hey guys, when it comes to choosing novels for the English Lit EE, are we allowed to choose books from the IB/school curriculum? I've heard somewhere that books studied in class can't be used for the English EE. However, if the book isn't studied at my school, but is listed as one of the official IB English Lit books, for instance, The Picture of Dorian Gray, am I still allowed to use it for my EE? Thanks in advance
  2. chrisncal2

    The Change One Letter Game

  3. Personally, my writing improved drastically after starting to read French books. In fact, reading French books actually jumped me several levels, from a level 4 to a high 7 in regards to writing. Merely memorizing conjugations and vocabulary won't stick in your head, but if you read it in the context of a book, you get more absorbed into the story (which makes you remember it more), and see how all the grammar makes sense in the bigger picture. You also learn vocabulary on the way, and you just gain much more confidence and an intuitive sense of the language and culture. Of course you'd still need to memorize all the conjugations and such, but grammar isn't the highlight of the curriculum, it's how you apply the grammar in writing and speech. So I would definitely try borrowing some French books from the library or even ask your French teacher for some if they have any. Try reading French books every day, and I'm sure you'll see a difference. I hope this helped, good luck!
  4. chrisncal2

    General Exam Questions

    @Sonia Thank you so much!
  5. chrisncal2

    General Exam Questions

    Hey guys, so I'm taking my first IB exam this coming Tuesday (SL Math), and I just wanted to clarify a few questions regarding the format of the answer booklet, cover sheet, etc. 1) Do we have to number our answer booklets? 2) When writing down the question number, do we have to write 01, 02, or is just 1, or 2 sufficient? 3) When formatting our answers on the answer booklet, if there are (i) (ii) part answers, do we have to write (a)(i) then next line, (a)(ii), (a)(iii) so on, or can you just write (a)(i) then next line (ii) then (iii) and so on? Do the parts (a), (b), © (i) all have to be in chronological order? (Because in the answer booklet guide they write (a) then next line (b)(ii)) 4) What happens if you finish all questions on the answer booklet, and you come back to a question and realize that part 2© is completely wrong but everything else is right, and you have no space to write the correct answer? 5) For Section A where you write the answers in the boxes, do they have to be strictly formatted, like a line between (a) and (b) or can you write them beside each other or just anywhere in the box if you run out of space? 6) Do we have to write our candidate number on every single page of the answer booklet or is just the first page fine? Sorry there are a lot of questions but I'm just extremely nervous considering it's my first time writing the exam but if you can answer any one of these questions I'll greatly appreciate it! (also any tips about the cover sheet, answer booklet, or just the exam in general will also be greatly appreciated) Thanks so much in advance
  6. chrisncal2

    Urgent - Word count for HL Writ. Assignment?

    judging by the looks of it (having asked several classmates) the title does not seem to count, but I'll confirm with the teacher just in case, thanks guys!
  7. chrisncal2

    Urgent - Word count for HL Writ. Assignment?

    alright guys thank you so much! I'm screwed if the title counts though
  8. Hey guys, I was just wondering which portions of the written assignment (HL A Lit) count towards the word count? Do the title and embedded citations count? Thanks in advance
  9. chrisncal2

    HL Lit Written Assignment

    Sorry for the late response, but yes that makes much more sense, thank you so much for all your help :-)
  10. chrisncal2

    HL Lit Written Assignment Topic Advice

    Okay thank you so much for all your input!
  11. chrisncal2

    HL Lit Written Assignment Topic Advice

    Yes I think that makes more sense But the thing is the war actually commences the day Kien's father dies, so would it be more accurate to say "...the actions of Kien's father foreshadow the turmoil..."? Or is "represent" sufficient as it is and I can just include foreshadowing in the arguments? Thanks in advance
  12. Hey guys, so I've decided to write my Written Assignment on Bao Ninh's Sorrow of War, and basically my topic is: To what extent does Kien's father represent the state of turmoil caused by War in Ninh's Sorrow of War? My main arguments are how his paintings foreshadow the destruction caused by war and how Kien's father's sleepwalking habit can be seen as an allegory for the state of disillusionment of the veterans when they return from war and finally, the disparity between the intellectual side of Vietnam and the emerging communist/working-class ideologies Do these arguments seem okay? Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  13. chrisncal2

    HL Lit Written Assignment

    Thank you so much, also, do you know when quoting the panels from the graphic novel, whether I have to insert the panels themselves in the essay? Would that disrupt the flow of the paragraph? Or is it sufficient to just cite Panel 2, Page 114, etc,
  14. chrisncal2

    HL Lit Written Assignment

    Hi guys, I was wondering what you think of choosing a graphic novel, namely Persepolis, for my written assignment? I really enjoyed the book, however, I'm confused as to how to analyze Persepolis with regards to literary devices, etc, when most of the meaning is created through the pictures. If I solely discuss the pictures, will I lose marks in any of the criteria? Thanks in advance.

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