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  1. Oh cool, I just went to the clinic this morning because I got 37.9 Celcius. The doctor gave me normal flu medicine and told me to go back and rest. It doesn't seem so severe as the media has broadcasted. Oh, yah, and I did not have to go through any H1N1 test, so yah I think you are right when saying that noone will be tested unless they got fatal diseases already. So, yah relax, people.
  2. oh, actually, when does all your school start and end ? My school starts at 7.20 am and ends around 4.40 pm ( that's to assume no CCA, if got, must be around 6.30 @[email protected])
  3. Anyone interested in studying Architecture in Uni ? I have heard that Architecture is one the longest course in Uni just like Medical, is it true ? And actually, how many different faculties under architecture ?
  4. Haha. Nice way of claiming hours. I am currently brownbelt in Aikido. Probably can claim my blackbelt before graduating IB I can not claim Action hours from Aikido 'cause the school said that it is a CCA and you can not claim hours from a daily CCA trainings. @[email protected] Oh, but do you know that Aikido and Karate are kinda competitive against each other ?
  5. Well, Aikido is one of the CCA in my school. But then I can not claim Action hours from it @[email protected]
  6. anybody doing Aikido or any other kinds of martial arts ?
  7. I have spent like almost the whole June holiday to mug for Physics. Yet, the result of my exam for Physics is not very optimistic... It's ironic that even though I really studied, the questions in exam were totally irrelevant. Anyone has any method to score well for Physics ? Any text book recommended ?
  8. What major is Harvard famous about ? Anyone here studying in Harvard right now ?
  9. Oh, basically this League is for both disabled people to play and for normal people to experience the feeling of sitting on a wheelchair to play basketball. What an international volunteer can do is to contact with their own country's disabled people society or even better a Wheelchair basketball team (like in Singapore, we have the Wheelchair basketball Association, where these disabled people are well trained for basketball on wheelchair) and to get them involved. In sum, as an international volunteer, you can help being a bridge between my main committee in Singapore and your own country's wheelchair basketball team. The event will be held in September 2009, it is coming very soon. Besides that, for those in Singapore, especially Secondary school or Junior College, you are very welcome to form your own team and contact me to sign up as a team competing in the League. You guys are not in competition with the disabled people, but will be in competition with other JC teams. So there are 2 categories : disabled people and normal students.
  10. Can somebody please enlighten me more about SAT 2 ? I am quite blur about this @[email protected]
  11. Oh thanks . And by the way, do they count the number of attempts for SAT or they only consider the highest score ?
  12. Is SAT 2 necessary for uni application ? Let's say Harvard or other IV League Uni ? @[email protected]

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