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  1. Hello everyone, Does anyone here has a Bsc or Msc in psychology? I need help with my thesis topic, which has already been assigned to me. I'm curious if it would be possible for me to send some journal articles to whoever is interested in helping, and you can tell me what you got out of them or we can discuss them together. I'm in a situation where I'm kind of confused about the topic at hand and do not understand it fully. PM me if you are interested.
  2. Hello everyone, I've always trusted this forum since I was in IB. I graduated in 2016. My current major is a Bsc of Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience. I'm going to be honest. I'm struggling with my degree and my grades for my second year are absolute crap. (Many reasons for this.) Next year is my final year of my bachelor degree and I want to create a study group of some sorts on Skype for Psychology majors. I reallllyyyy need to study over the summer, so I can up my GPA next year. If anyone is interested in this group or wants to help me somehow, please do shoot me a PM! You can also contact me via kik. My kik is LeNada_
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  4. 58713735efac2_Finalessay(Autosaved)(Autosaved).docx View File 58713735efac2_Finalessay(Autosaved)(Autosaved).docx Submitter Nadsxo2 Submitted 01/07/2017 Category University Application Essays and PS  
  5. Hello, I have an essay I'm writing for my subsidiary module at university. Its a cultural studies/sociology module. The essay is due on the 9th of Jan, and I'd ideally like it to be proof read by then. Its a 2500 word essay. The essay title is: Through a detailed example, critically discuss the possibilities and limits of consumption and consumer culture in the creation of the self and/or identity. So if anyone is good at proof reading and is willing to do this task for me, I'd highly appreciate it and would be willing to proof read your essays in return too. If you can do it, please email me at: and let me know as fast as possible, so I can email it to you. Thankyou!
  6. It sounds interesting but it also depends on how you're planning to test the plants for changes in their nutritional properties. Good luck!
  7. Does anyone want to be part of an international chat group on kik where we get to know each other and have interesting discussions? If anyone wants to join, just message me your kik user and i'll be happy to add you. Spread the word too!
  8. Hello guys, So thankfully I was awarded the diploma and everything, and some of the universities I have applied to are requesting a copy of it and a hard copy of my transcripts. They also stated they want them by 30th of August(last deadline) and my school said they will give us our diplomas in September(next academic year). But I know the diplomas are handed out by mid august Does anyone know if it is possible for me to request the ibo to send them to me? Or has anyone done that before? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. I've payed for the results request in order for my results to be sent to the universities I have applied for. Does anyone know how long it would take for them to be received? Cuz when I was doing the payment, it said its going to take 14 days??? But 14 days for an electronic version to be sent? Isnt that a long time? If anyone knows, please tell me.
  10. ITGS HL Students.. What exactly is the difference between a smart home and an intelligent home? Its one of the terms listed in the last page And in line 57 it is stated that some preliminary findings suggests that a smart home may evolve into an intelligent home that customizes itself to suit the behaviour of people in the house. I mean, there's some form of definition there for it. But I tried looking up some info on intelligent homes and the difference between them and smart homes, cuz I thought maybe that would come up somewhere in the exam, but I cant really find any solid information. If anyone cares to elaborate or has any more useful information they can add, please do! What are intelligent homes?
  11. wow, you really studied hard I hope it pays off I started in March, but was also studying prior to that due to my mocks(which were in December of 2015) I stopped studying after, because I was too busy trying to finish off IA's I didn't finish, and my extended essay and then I got back at it in March For me, it depended on the day. I think the max I did was probably 6 hours. If I don't count in breaks. I didn't study everyday though I only started doing that in April I think, or maybe by the end of March. Not sure. I hope it all pays off though...
  12. Hello everyone, Since we have paper 3 on the 17th How is everyone doing with the case study? I've done research, but still think I'm missing some information that might be helpful for the exam. For anyone who sat paper 3s before? What is important to consider? Because I didn't sit one for my mocks, we only did paper 1 and 2 for the mock exams. And also regarding the Smart Home 2016 case study.. What have you guys included as part of your research? I mean, what do you think is important to know and keep note of for the exam?
  13. I sat the TZ2 math studies exam Is it just me but were they actually difficult? Especially paper 2. :/
  14. Since paper 3 is tomorrow I have a question that is buzzing in my head I'm doing option G: Ecology and conservation And a chi-squared question might pop up And my question is on how to calculate the expected value for chi-squared questions?????
  15. Hello everyone, I'd just like to ask if anybody knows how important it is to use quotes in paper 2? How does this impact the way in which IB examiners mark the paper? And do they make a massive difference? I'm thinking they would fall under Criteria A: Knowledge and Understanding... but Criteria A talks about demonstrating an understanding how context effects the meaning of the works you have studied. So what does this exactly mean? My English teacher told us during our mocks that we can paraphrase quotes if we cannot remember them. But is their use actually essential to gaining knowledge and understanding marks?
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