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  1. Good, I did an essay on the ideology in Spanish CW and the role of Truman and Stalin in the start of the cold war. Those are essays 5 and 27. I was actually hesitant as I wanted to do an essay on dictators at first haha. I am scared af for paper 3 on monday. What essays did you do?I chose these two questions as well .
  2. Maha

    History paper 3.

    in the HL paper 3 are we allowed to answer questions from other option which we did not cover in the class?
  3. me too! were you able to complete q4?yes I was , but I did not feel that I wrote a good essay , but I used all the sources and own knowledge! but I did not focus on topic sentence and such things .
  4. I did peacemaking, and I found it easier than the last year.
  5. Paper 2 was not hard, I did question 7 and 9 . Paper 1 was harder!!
  6. the last question was the worse ! ! but in general I think the exam was ok.
  7. you need only 18% to get a 2 !! I do not think it is really hard to gain some points from paper 1 and 2 , and the IA.
  8. more than a 57% in what? In Chemistry, you need in total 57% in order to get a 5, ( 28 -33 in the IA), (44-54in paper 2), (27-31 in paper 3) and (30-33 in paper 1)
  9. You need more than 57% to get a 5. Tomorrow I am going to die, history and chemistry on the same day, is just the worse thing ever. !!
  10. I think it was not hard, but I did some stupid mistakes :/.
  11. In paper 1 we will get questions from all the topics, but as I noticed there are more question in the organic chemistry than other topics. In paper 2, It is difficult to say which topics will come in section A, but you need to know topic 1 and the calculations. Good luck tomorrow
  12. Maha

    normal distribution

    Thank you very much , it helped me a lot. Thanks for the help Thank you as well
  13. I am working with Nov 2014 paper 2, and I had a problem to understand and solve a) (ii), can some one explain it to me? The weights of fish in a lake are normally distributed with a mean of 760g and standard deviation σ . It is known that 78.87% of the fish have weights between 705g and 815 g. (a) (i) Write down the probability that a fish weighs more than 760g. (ii) Find the probability that a fish weighs less than 815 g. Thanks in advance!
  14. Sometimes, but May 2014 Chemistry HL tz2 is harder than November 2014. But in general I agree.
  15. There is not a specific outline of what you need to know for paper 1, remember that it is sources based, so just read the book and make sure that you know general knowledge you can use for question 4. I think it will be a good idea to memorize some names of historians or the origin, like for the cold war it is important to mention the names or the orgin of the historians at least!
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