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  1. IB is definitely not for everyone; time management and extreme dedication is required. Regardless, even if it was for you, your mental health comes first. If its affecting your health, its definitely a valid and serious reason for you to be able to drop the program. If it were me in that situation, I would definitely get my parent/guardian to talk to the councillor. In my school, we are allowed to drop out of IB. Our councillor definitely will go out of his way to convince us to stay, but in the end, its your choice. Also, I'm pretty sure you can drop the program anytime. I had a friend who dropped IB after 11th grade even though she did her Math and French SL IB Exams. But yeah, as I mentioned before, ask a parent/guardian to get involved; they can't force you in a program you don't want to be in. Hope all goes well!
  2. Just an add on, when I initially chose this topic, I wanted it to be different from my peers. A lot of my classmates chose topics that circulated around war and military action and I wanted to stand out. I was thinking that my research question would be around the lines of "How did Hollywoods Golden Age prosper during the Great Depression"? This specific question is formatted incorrectly, but I want my research question to reflect on how during America's Great Depression, Hollywood was able to still shine through its Golden Age.
  3. Hi, So basically, we were given different History IA topics and I chose "The Great Depression and the Arts: Photography, the movie industry, the radio, literary currents". I need to have a research question and 2 pages of (Handwritten) research notes in 2 days. Unfortunately, I have no idea on what research question to format. If someone could guide me through writing the research question or give me some examples, it would be really beneficial. Thank you!
  4. I totally agree with kw0573! But can't you take physical education during the summer? That's what I did when I was in pre-IB, I took an online course for physical education and I finished it within 3 days. @kw0537 I did tell her this 3 times and she still said that it'll work out. She also said this worked out with other students to. Do you think I should stay safe and do the phys-ed? I was planning on doing 11th grade physics instead. @beyondtheimagine I wasn't aware I could do that. I live in Ontario so maybe the regulations are different. However, I will ask my guidance councillor. Thanks!
  5. Hi Guys, I'm in Grade 9 right now, and last week, we were told to choose our courses for grade 10. Being in Pre-IB, I have to take the mandatory Pre-IB courses my school requires me to do. However, we're allowed to have one elective. To graduate high school in Ontario, I need to have 1 phys-ed credit, and the only years at my school I can take those credits is either in 9th grade or 10th grade because I'm going to do IB. I didn't take phys-ed in 9th grade ( I replaced it with Computer Studies ). But when I went to my guidance councillor yesterday, she told me that if I'm gonna take HL Biology in 12th grade, I don't need to take the phys-ed and instead, I can do a more worthwhile course. She said that somehow, the computer will give me the credit for the phys-ed and I will be able to Obviously, I said sure but I was just wondering if not doing the phys-ed is a good idea and if it'll risk education. Also, if anyone skipped the phys-ed and did something else, please tell me. Thanks