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  1. bguloglu

    CHEM IA : Freezing Point of Ice

    Yes, but a qualitative judgement call based on predictions is not the same as being able to work out the mathematical relationship between the two variables using data you have collected. Remember, the IB does not want you to write a doctorate dissertation and discover sth new, it just wants you to explore a topic further. At least for the syllabus that they had when I took the exams, if it's changed, it might of course be different.
  2. bguloglu

    CHEM IA : Freezing Point of Ice

    Well you could extend the investigation by looking at freezing points for each salt over a RANGE of concentrations. The problem is that theoretically, the investigation shouldn't yield different results for different salts (provided that the concentration of ions in the solutions are equal) since colligative properties are an extension of a concept called chemical potential in thermodynamics, and do not depend on the nature of the solute.
  3. bguloglu

    Best textbooks for the IB

    The study guides by Oxford are also amazing for natural sciences, so I would definitely suggest those to complement the main textbooks.
  4. bguloglu

    What universities should I be thinking of for safety?

    I think one safety will be enough, so you could go with one of the semi-reach, reach choices - especially with your grades.
  5. bguloglu

    Group 4 - Biology - Honey

    Neither of these experiments will work. Honey is a natural antimicrobial agent for a reason. Because of the sheer amount of stuff dissolved in it, it creates so much osmotic imbalance that nothing can live on honey. This effectively means that you won't be able to grow yeast on it. There is a reason why honey is so effective in treating infections.
  6. bguloglu

    Chemistry IA

    If you are willing to do some extra reading, I would suggest looking into the ionic strength of a solution and any implications that might have on reaction rate. It's quite interesting if you like chemistry.
  7. bguloglu

    Subjects (Dropping Math HL)

    Iv'e Seen that You Dropped Math HL. Was is a very big deal? Was it Worth it? Its a very big step for me. There are like 10 (out of us 20) who have scored worse than i have in math. Should I quit ? How did you get a & in biology and chemistry HL? How hard was Math SL ? I did drop Maths HL because I e-mailed the biochem department at my uni and they said that Maths SL would be fine if I also had Bio HL along with Chem HL. To be honest, I found that it was much much easier to get good grades in the sciences at HL compared to Maths, and if you want to go into life sciences I would strongly suggest Bio AND Chem and HL, especially since you listed biochem. Maths SL is pretty easy when you compare it to HL. You just need to study a little and you will be fine.
  8. bguloglu

    Subjects (Dropping Math HL)

    Maths HL would be more beneficial, but you need to get at least a 6, preferably a 7. As far as I remember, the offer from Cambridge for natural sciences is around 40, with 7,7,7 or 7,7,6 at HL.
  9. bguloglu

    Question in Physics EE

    Maybe put it in the appendix?
  10. bguloglu

    Chemistry HL

    Two words: Richard Thornley!!!
  11. bguloglu

    Would this IA work?

    Hey there, for Beer-Lamberts, you need to make sure that the only molecule in solution absorbing said wavelength is vit. C. You also need to make sure that both the protonated and deprotonated forms of the molecule absorb the same wavelength.
  12. bguloglu

    Subject Choices

    Definitely, you're right. It all depends on the individual university, and on the subject you wish to study. If say you're applying for visual arts, you will need art in the IB Probably as long as you fulfill the core requirements for the course, other subjects won't be that important.
  13. bguloglu

    Subject Choices

    I agree, those subjects seem to be fine. I just feel like I should add that universities do look at subject choice as a selection criteria (even if it is not as impactful as something like your SATs of course). There are some subjects that especially UK universities consider to be soft, like Design. Some universities will even disregard your application completely if they see one or more soft subjects. That said, US universities want applicants to be taking the most rigorous combination of subjects offered at your school, so it does make sense to choose subjects that are both considered to be harder than others, and have something to do with what you are applying for (which by the way isn't always the case since some universities like UPenn will allow students to take what ever subjects they want to so their background subject combination is less important). Please please correct me if I'm wrong. I myself haven't applied to the US but this is what my friends who have and my university counselor told me.
  14. bguloglu

    Mathematical exploration

    How about Apple? They're active in the stock market as well, so that would probably allow for some discussion as well.
  15. I really don't know, you're just gonna have to try to get a good range.

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