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  1. Okay, thank you soo much all of you! I have no words to express my gratitude! Thanks again
  2. This is almost word for word exactly the knowledge question I had for my second attempt at the presentation during my first draft. I was told by all our TOK teachers that it was far too broad, and ended up narrowing it down to "to what extent has the rise of internet technologies affected the way we acquire and interact with academic knowledge?" You will need to narrow it down in a similar fashion to reach a satisfactory conclusion within the brief period of time you have for the presentation. However, you're on a good track which leads to great potential for discussion - find your RLS, and narrow the question down accordingly. There are a number of foci and corresponding real life situations you could look at: -Ownership of knowledge -> net neutrality, intellectual property and digital rights management -Change in medium of knowledge -> death of print media (eg the conclusion of print of Encyclopaedia Brittanica - this was my RLS) -Frequency and depth of knowledge -> I can't remember where, but I saw some summaries of psychological studies indicating people who have grown up with access to the internet have psychological differences in terms of being better at knowing where to find information but worse at actually retaining it There's many more but that should help you get moving. Ohh, wow. I chose my RLS as the censorship in North Korea, and how this censorship doesn't let the people know whats going on outside the country. And also how the "enternet" implemented by North Korea is full of Propaganda fully controlled by the government itself. So can i go with the same KQ? Mt ToK teacher said that the KQ has to be really broad, and i have to tie in my RLS to this broad topic, or something along these lines. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thank you, eross for the advice. I am still thinking about an RLS lol. I was thinking about how thinks on the internet doesn't necessarily have to be true so that will affect the way we see stuff. IDK I am just thinking of things now. Thanks again to both of you.
  5. Thank You, batool for the advise. I dont know any real life situation for my KI. So that is a problem lol.
  6. Hello IBers, Do you guys think that this is a good TOK presentation?: How does technology affect the way we acquire knowledge? I was thinking about Memory, Emotion for WOK, and mathematics for AOK. I haven't actually thought of any real life situations. But is this a good topic? and is the KI good? Thank You Soo much in advance.
  7. Sree98

    Would this EE work?

    Thank all for your help. I have the rough draft due in a couple of days so I'll just continue it for the sake of grade(it's a BIG grade for all the classes in our school). and then talk with my advisor for more info on how I could change the topic, maybe even just a little tweak. When i was doing the EE i did notice that its kinda Broad. So i have to narrow it down a little. So far my EE is more to the History side than Economics. so i might choose that. One more thing i want to know is isn't the Bibliography for history be MLA and Economics be APA? Thanks for all your help I really appreciate it.
  8. Sree98

    Would this EE work?

    I am sorry I did need help with it that's why I asked what does it belong to in the first topic. What I said was that I am very well into the essay that I can't change it. I was never said to pick a topic under one subject or anything like that. I recently only knew we have to associate EE with a subject. SO I was confused on what to do. Because I had my topic approved and all and finishing my drafts up. Sorry if this was a problem. Our school is very new to IB curriculum and all. SO we don't have that much of experience. it is only like 5 years or so. This si why I am trying to as you guys for help. Because our teachers and advisor don't know a lot about it.
  9. Sree98

    Would this EE work?

    I understand what both of you guys said. But the thing is my IB advisor and my EE advisor both said that this topic is good. And my Ib advisor said this has to do with History so it would be more of that kind of topic. We had it all set and worked on it like that for months. I am almost finishing up my 2nd draft. And now when I am thinking about it it seems like a topic that also fits into the economic level too. So I was confused about what to put on it. But I didn't want to change any of my essay that I have so far, because I already have like 2000 words on it. SO I had this confusion. That's why I asked you guys all how you guys think about it.
  10. Sree98

    Would this EE work?

    Hello, My EE topic is: How have Improvements in the Indian Educational System Helped to Advance or Improve its Economy I still don't know which subject this might refer to. And one more thing is this a good EE topic to work on? Is there an EE guide, that i could use to format my EE and all. Thank In advance.
  11. Sree98

    Is my topic good?

    Thanks for your help, everyone.
  12. Sree98

    Is my topic good?

    Hello all, I am a current senior and my Math teach has asked us to try to draft our IAs during the summer. My current topic is "How does the tuition fee of top schools compare to the starting salary the graduating class earn after graduating from there." I think mine might be a little vague or idk i feel like something is wrong.Could you guys maybe help me a bit? Thanks A lot!!
  13. Sree98

    Need help with psychology IA!

    Hello, I did some research for my IA and find out that i am doing it on the Eye Witness report. My teach asked us to find 3 similar experiments and summarize what they did. I only have found 2 so far, Loftus Palmer and Loftus Zanni. Do anyone of you know any other similar experiments? I would really appreciate your help. Thanks in Advance.
  14. Sree98

    Need help with some sources for my History IA

    Hi, guys. I changed my topic a little bit. Well it is more like an adjustment to the Thesis: The American media in the aftermath of 9/11: Effective journalism or anti-Muslim propaganda?So is this one better i found so articles to guide me and also some book to help me as well.

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