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  1. I was just wondering... if I have a level 3 predicted grade for French B SL, and I write the exam next May, is it even possible for me to get a level 5 final and what grade would I need on that exam to obtain a final level 5?
  2. Oh wait. Never mind. It is an anticipated subject. Thanks anyways.
  3. Another question though, so, I wrote the SL Math exam this year. Does that mean that SL Math is an anticipated subject for me?
  4. Oh really. Thanks! This really helps. Now I finally have some hope for my future.
  5. I completed SL Math this year and have HL History, Chemistry and English for next year. Was wondering if I could drop HL History and take HL Math instead since it is recommended for me to take HL Math for the University I want to get into. Just wanted to make sure that there are no problems with doing both HL and SL Math.

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