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  1. eankeel

    What is language

    Guys what is the definition of language, in TOK. I don't want to include a dictionary explanation in my essay please help
  2. My question is "All of the other ways of knowing are controlled by language." What does this statement mean and do you think it is fair representation of the relationship between perception, emotion, reason and language? Firstly, I am going to go against the statement just because that will be easier. I thought i would kind of approach it first by discussing the importance of the langauge, the definition of what language is. then I am going to discuss these with relation to the other ways of knowing, but I don't know what I should include yet. Please help! (opinions)
  3. eankeel

    IOP experience

    Guys, I am going to do my IOP after my exams but I still don't have a topic. Can you guys share what topics you have done with me?
  4. eankeel

    Mark Boundaries

    don't get down just because you haven't got a seven in your IOP. Admittedly it is harder now because IOP is easy to get marks in but you can easily make up for it by getting 7 in other area. Good luck Don't forget, if your teacher is marked harshly, it may move up at the end when it gets moderated
  5. eankeel

    Poetry analysis English A1 SL Help!

    There is a formula for introduction. In the introduction you should first state the title of the poem and the author. It is also very important to state what the peome is about and state what devices are present. Try to state how you are going to split the poem up to anaylse is a good idea. That is how I do and I get a seven. Remember don't start writing until you have a basic idea about what you are going to write or it just gets messy
  6. Hey Guys, I am doing a practise IOP on LIke water for chocolate and I am going to answer this question I created: "To what extent is Mama Elena's violence and cruelty towards Tita due to her own forbidden love?" First I am going to say why it is by saying that Mama Elena's own experience had made her bitter and because she didn't get what she wanted she is making Tita experience the same using the family tradition as an excuse. As a result of her experience, it has made her reject love, nourishment of others because she doesn't want to experience losing a loved one again. However, Mama Elena's cruelty and violence is not primary due to her own experience because it is also because of her authoritative and dictatorship nature. She likes to be in control and to affirm her control and the daughter and mother hierarchy between Tita and her. By being violent and cruel towards others she is able to hide her own weakness and her invulnerability being a woman. She is made to seem stronger. do you guys have any opinion (key point missed) about this please help?
  7. Guys, how is the theme cruelty and violence significant in any way?
  8. eankeel

    Business theories

    What business theories are there?
  9. eankeel

    Key to getting a 7 in English A1?

    To revise English A1, I write a commentary every week always on one of the past paper poems or prose. It is also good to look at other commentary on the webs, I have a commentary that scored full marks in the real IB test. it gave me a lot of guidance and the sort of way the commentary should be structured and written. It is also a good idea to make sure you answer the leading questions when you do the commentary, it is always a good starting point.
  10. Sorry Aboo, I just wanted to make sure I was right. I just took a guess so I wasn't too sure. So it is the theories and the areas I am going to cover right? Urgent please help! I am doing it on a company in Hong Kong that specialises in manufacturing and trading fabric. They don't employ a lot of employees, but in the economic crisis they have had to cut cost. To do this they can use suppliers to dye the fabric and then give it back to them before they sell it. This will reduce the cost and also reduce the risk if there is anything to go wrong but will also reduce their profit. However, this will reduce their profit. My question is "should company x use suppliers to manufacture their fabric to reduce cost?". Do you guys have any opinions? I am going to look into areas such as human resource planning, cost and revenue. does Ansoff matrix, boston matrix, swot analysis count as theories or analytical tools? Can you name a theory so I know what I am meant to be looking at? how is it calculated? I know that second sources take up 4 marks and the commentary takes up 21 but what is secondary sources?
  11. Aboo, I thought it is the theories I am going to use?
  12. I am going to study a company my friend owns that specialises in making fabric and selling it. What is a good IA question I can do on this?
  13. eankeel

    Fed up with Business and management

    Busines and management is a fun topic, just because my teacher is so funny. He is funny but we never get off track and he is always more than happy to explain things more clearly if we have issues or problems. I am averaging about 79.99 percent but I am only awarded a 6 because 80 percent is a 7. you need to try and enjoy it and you will find it so much easier and more enjoyable. To be honest, when I started I loathed business but as time progressed, I began to enjoy it more and more especially the good scores came rolling in.
  14. Guys, I really need help! I need to do a presentation for my business IA. It is basically talking about my research proposal. I know I need to talk about my research question, theoretical framework, action plan, methodology, but I don't know what I need to do in my theoretical framework bits. Do you guys know? Have any tips?
  15. eankeel

    Businees help! for externals.

    When I learn for business I used to do the past paper. It helps you get to grips with things really quickly like the style of the questions. It becomes really easy!

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