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  1. I am now having sleeping problems and I am so depressed. My school sucks. Teachers are not qualified. School is not organized. My school is not supporting students in any single way, it is just a burden. I cry a lot recently. I hate how IB just allows teachers to control my future, and ruin it. They can give me baseless grades. I got 39/42 in the summer exam. They gave me 37/42. We did not do anything about TOK, nothing !!!! not an essay or a presentation. My teacher just gave me a C, on what ground??? !!!!!! !!!!!!! My teachers could not care less about students. I need 1% for a 7 in econ, they predict me a 5, but in other schools, they give students a 7 when they are really close. I do not hate IB. It is not hard. but my school is giving me more work and it is nothing but a hurdle. I want to apply for cambridge, now I cannot, because of my stupid school. I hate letting teachers control my future, these irresponsible teachers. I hate how I work my ass off and it does not pay off just because of my bloody school. I wish I could do the IB without my school. That would have been an easier task. I am really depressed. I cannot sleep when I think of how I have to flatter the teachers even though I hate them so much. I hate my bloody school. 25 teachers left my school, next year I will have teachers from elementary school to teach me. My school is getting worse and worse. I dont know how to deal with them. I am sorry if it is rude. But I am really tired. IB is nothing comparing to my rubbish school. My school is a mountain and I really do not know what to do. Please dont scold me for venting out. I am destroyed by my school, destroyed !!!
  2. News is not here to tell you what happened, but to tell you what it thinks you want to hear. Do you agree with the statement? What do you think about this issue?
  3. It is often thought that in order to succeed today, all young people must work in the city rather than in the country. I really dont comprehend this question.... ( it is from paper 2 ) so the writing part.
  4. HI, I know it might not be a popular question but I don't know how to impress my English teacher in the summer exam in paper 2. I mean, my teacher is akin to perfectionist and she is really mean when it comes to marking our writing, even though we are just in English B HL, and our English is quite good. No one in our class got more than a 6..... Therefore, I need to think of something sparkling to impress my teacher, Do you guys have any ideas ? I mean, what elements do you think is rather important for a good piece of writing ? Any writing style or phrases or word usages that you are fond of, and make you writing more impressive? Thank you in advance.
  5. I am so sorry, I am still confused about the idea of capital. With the lower interest rate, there will be an increase in investment on human and physical capital. I thought improvement in human capital and physical capital means the economy can produce more as e.g , workers have better level of health and training. thus the economy can produce more. So EMP will not INDIRECTLY affect the LRAS? I am sorry for keep bothering you.
  6. So EMP will not affect the long run aggregate supply even though investors are investing more on capital and the production capability of the country increase? I thought, if the production capability increases, the economy's potential output increases as well.
  7. So the question is -- If Expansionary monetary policy can intensify businesses to spend more on capital, it implies EMP increases the potential output right? as producers produce more. So the effect of EMP will be increase in both aggregate demand and aggregate supply? thx
  8. So we all know there is word limit in econ commentary, so I wonder if symbols are counted as words or not? is it allowed to use symbols such as ↑ ? thx
  9. Do you think I can put it into my Macro commentary?
  10. SO i have a question. How would the Depreciation of the currency lead to inflation. Shoudnt it leads to deflation? As the Currency devalues , the purchasing power decreases , less consumer spending and investment will be injected into the economy so Firms have to lower the price of their product,isnt it? I am confused,I have never done it in macro but can I put it into my commentary.
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