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  1. UnderstandingScience

    [HELP] Math Studies Exam

    Dear ibsurvival members, I recently switched from Math Standard Level to Mathematics Studies and I have a mid-term exam tomorrow regarding the whole Math Studies syllabus, does anyone have any resources that can help, or any notes? Thanks in-advance.
  2. UnderstandingScience

    Math IA HELP

    What calculations should I include?
  3. UnderstandingScience

    Math IA Survey

    Thank you!
  4. UnderstandingScience

    Math IA Survey

    Thank you!
  5. UnderstandingScience

    Math IA Survey

    Thank you!
  6. UnderstandingScience

    Math IA Survey

    Please take this short survey (I need as many responses by tonight): https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RGCTMH2 Thank you everyone on IB survival!
  7. UnderstandingScience

    ITGS EE Illicit Websites

  8. UnderstandingScience


  9. UnderstandingScience

    Help! Math IA survey about music

    1) Male 2) No 3) -
  10. UnderstandingScience


    I hate how HKEXCEL are advertising their "center" on this forum, pretending to be different people...
  11. UnderstandingScience


    I always say that I am going to start studying soon, but every-time I want to study, I tend to be distracted; be it by video games or movies. Any ideas on how I could focus more on my studies rather than fun? Thanks in-advance.
  12. UnderstandingScience

    ESS IA ideas

    Sure, I've sent it to you via PM, good-luck!
  13. UnderstandingScience

    ESS IA ideas

    I'm quite late, I haven't gotten a notification saying you responded, but I sent you it via PM. Good-Luck!
  14. UnderstandingScience

    Physics - Where to begin?

    - What's the best way to study Physics? Thank you in-advance! Forgot to mention, I have a test at the end of this week.
  15. UnderstandingScience

    ESS IA ideas

    Sent, let me know if you need help with anything else.

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