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  1. Bit of very important advice: Don't do medicine unless you REALLY want to, it's so much work - long hours, odd shifts, by the time you actually start practising with a stable income you're already 30. But if you decide that's what YOU want to do then your current choice is great! If Maths isn't your strong point, I know some medical schools in Australia accept Maths Studies as well! Might be different where you are. Another thing - just be wary of Chem, that's one subject you really should keep HL for medicine but often you either just get it, or don't - in that case really hone in on it and make sure you're getting a 7. You mentioned an interest in the humanities, in that case don't do 2 sciences (especially at HL), instead do another humanities instead of Biology, I'd say History or Geography is your best bet. Do what you love dude, this is probably the one time you shouldn't listen to your parents! If you still want to keep your parents happy, try a field surrounding Law, Med or Engineering. For example: biomedical engineering, psychology, physiotherapy If I were you, I'd switch out Bio for History - just to keep my options open, try my best to do well and then go into whatever course I want to at the end of the 2 years. Final choice is yours! Good luck
  2. The most important thing that I took away from the IOP was to make sure your topic is very very precise, really hone down on one aspect of your FAVOURITE text. So out of those three, choose your favourite text, one that you actually didn't mind bearing through in class. Then from there, think of a broad theme that interests you. Once, you have your text and your main theme choose either a historical context or a technique to focus on that you can link to the theme. That's at least the way I approached it. e.g. Hungry Caterpillar --> Joy --> Use of colour (bad example, but you get what I mean) As for the topic you've chosen, I think it's very strong! Perhaps, framing it more succinctly (IB markers love that), into just one sort of phrase e.g. The dichotomy of Phuong and __, through the lens of feminism, or something along those lines would make a little less "role in society" typical. Most importantly, if you chose a topic that is you're interested in and you can deliver with passion, then don't worry about being too creative. You can be creative through your presentation and delivery! Sorry if this response is not that helpful - just a few pointers to come up with a topic on your own terms, because you're the one presenting it! Good luck!
  3. You should focus on everything. I play guitar in a band. I get CAS hours, but my band was formed with just the aim of trying out for the Battle of the Bands. Plus, colleges like people who do more stuff, so it will look cool to say "I did dhadhdahda". And while you need to focus on grades, take time of. You need to chill, or IB will burn you out. Simple as that. But don't universities look at depth more than breadth for extracurriculars? Because if you actually enjoy your extracurriculars, you have a lot more to talk about on essays/applications, but yeah I agree on how you will burn out in IB if you put yourself through way too much stress. Thanks for the advice everyone! Would going for exchange internationally for two weeks be a good, worthwhile? I've always been really keen on doing so and the school is now offering places! What do you all think?
  4. I want to study medicine and I'm trying to start doing UMAT past papers and what not now. So if any of you have good websites for FREE sample questions and past papers please link me!
  5. Oohhh! Thanks! I didn't know what CAS was entirely until this Would you say that doing lots of curricular activities (outside of what you have to do for CAS) is worthwhile for wanting to study Medicine, or should I just focus on IB and academia more?
  6. My grades are all A's apart from Photography, but that's a Year 10 elective so no worries. As a ranking, I believe I'm ranked around a 5 out of the 150 cohort - so I'm doing fairly well? Is this good enough for a 45? I don't know! Hmm, it seems like my school isn't too strong in the HSC and our curriculum is based around IB so a large portion of the students take IB for this reason. No one in our school really gets an IB mark under 38. Can anyone give me some pointers on CAS? What exactly is it? What's involved?
  7. I had a look at the syllabus and some general information on all of the subjects that I'm planning to take, and none of it (particularly SL Maths) is very difficult, which is good. This probably means that IB is focused on workload rather than content? Or is this just me?
  8. Ahhh I see. What about Maths SL vs. Maths Studies? At the moment, I do fairly well in Maths (usually in the mid 90's), but I don't exactly like it. What's better to get the highest mark, since subjects aren't scaled?
  9. Wowow! Thank you to everyone who has responded. I found out that our school's TOK teacher is a complete mess and is actually an English teacher, so a lot of ex students took online TOK lecture/classes just to help them out. Do you all think that doing HL Bio over HL Chem is a better option?
  10. Thank you! I had a read through the IB Learner Profile and it seems like they are really asking for a lot! I also read up a bit on the Extended Essay, what would you recommend is a good subject to write the Essay on? I wrote mine in History, I feel group 4 and 5 are the most difficult ones. But if you like Biology you can write in it. I would recommend English or Economy, but it just mine opinion, you can find Biology more interesting. If I write it in Biology do I have to conduct experiments with that?
  11. Thanks for the thorough response, just what I needed I am well aware that getting a 45 is REALLY hard, but at my school a fifth of our IB cohort did last year (9 perfect scores). Our school seems to have the whole IB curriculum down pat so I'm trusting that a combination of that and my hard work will let me reach my goal. Thanks for the information on the subjects. Do you think that my current subject selection choice is good? I really enjoy the sciences and they'll probably help with me medicine too so that's why I'm taking two. Lucky for me, I tend to get things done as soon as possible, not an avid procrastinator! Phew! Don't like leaving things to last minute - too much stress. Well, thanks for the help!
  12. Thank you! I had a read through the IB Learner Profile and it seems like they are really asking for a lot! I also read up a bit on the Extended Essay, what would you recommend is a good subject to write the Essay on?
  13. I'm the first out of my family and friends to do IB so everything is very new to me. I just wan't to know what it's like and whether I've made the right choice in doing IB, or whether the HSC is more suited to me. (I'm from Australia) The subjects I am planning to do are HL English, HL Biology, HL Economics, SL Latin, SL Maths and SL Chemistry. I'm aiming to get a 45 and study Medicine at the University of Sydney (which I know don't really take UMAT that far into consideration) What type of person/learner is suited to IB? Generally, I'm a memorising type of learner (everything needs to be seared in my mind for me to understand it), a bit of a stress ball and I prefer an assignment over an exam any day. Keeping this informal and chill lol, what do you all think? Tell me anything and everything about the IB because at the moment I can't even pronounce Baccalaureate Thanks!
  14. Thanks so much for the help! I went to my School's IT Department and apparently the same had happened for all students with Yosemite. Some server system had crashed or something. They had to restart the entire school's emails. Thanks! :)
  15. So, I've had my email working for over a year now. All of sudden I check my emails and it says the "server isn't connecting." Because my emails on my phone and my computer and linked, the same thing happened on my phone. I've tried restarting my internet, restarting my phone and computer, re-adding the account, using someone else's internet. Google isn't really helping me. Does anyone know is there's some computer programming way to fix it? Is anyone able to suggest anything that I can do!? I have no way other way to check my emails (there is no browser access). I'm usually fairly experienced with Apple products, but I can't find a solution for this. Thanks P.S. - iPhone 6 and MacBook Pro on Yosemite and iOS8, if that makes a difference?
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