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  1. needtosurvive


    hey so im currently freaking out right now, i have no idea whats a good kq and whats not so i made this one up To what extent is it ethical for governments to place restrictions on citizens? my rls is the virginia tech massacre my overall thing is gun control is my kq ok????
  2. needtosurvive

    Art Theme

    Hey! So this year i am going into my second year of IB. I still don't have a theme that i want to stick to for art. Last year, i drifted around nature and culture but i don't know if i want to stick to it anymore. Is it possible to do a 'Styles of Art' theme?? It would explore the different formats of art, like conceptual art, surrealistic art, photographs etc...
  3. needtosurvive

    Economcis IA

    is it ok if i run my writing plan by you??
  4. needtosurvive

    Economcis IA

    hey, so i am currently in the process of looking for a article to write about for the commentary and i found this one: http://theregister.co.nz/news/2015/07/university-auckland-says-tax-everyday-food-items-could-save-lives but i really dont know if its a good article to write about. Can someone please tell me??? Thanks!
  5. needtosurvive

    Musical Instrument

    okay thanks guys for the advice! i think i'll go the the music shop in the next few days and try it out
  6. needtosurvive

    Musical Instrument

    Personally i really like the sounds that they all make so thats what makes choosing really hard. I used to play the cello for about two years when i was younger so i was thinking that that might make learning the viola easier? I also used to play the recorder so would that help with learning the flute? Thanks!
  7. needtosurvive

    Musical Instrument

    Hey guys! Right now, I want to learn a new instrument and have narrowed it down to either viola, saxophone or the flute. I want to learn it casually and practise during study breaks. I want to occupy my time with something more worthwhile than tv shows and social media. I want an instrument that is relatively easy and fun but i just don't know which one would be a good choice. Could you guys tell me what you think you'd do in my situation?? Thank!
  8. needtosurvive

    Schedules and motivation

    Hahahahhahhahahaha thats what i used to do; exaggerate the consequences of 'failing' etc... but now ive become desensitized to failing and now i don't really care enough to do something about it which is really bad Thanks for the tips though!
  9. needtosurvive


    Hey so im on a break between the first and second year of ib and we're suppose to think about our maths ia; the exploration. I know that the second year will be alot more intense that first year so i want to finish the first draft of the ia now. Trouble is, i dont know what i want to write it on. The things that im interested in dont really have anything to do with maths. So im just wondering if you guys have any tips on picking a good topic? Thank!!!
  10. needtosurvive

    Schedules and motivation

    hey so i have difficulty writing my own schedules for studying in the holidays and even more difficulty sticking to them. When im thinking about studying, i get motivated but when i actually do it, i want to die and end up on social media. So do you guys have any tips about writing a timetable that is easy to stick to and how to make studying fun??? Thanks!!
  11. needtosurvive

    Study Group?

    yes please omg
  12. needtosurvive

    TOK presentation

    Heyy, My TOK presentation is about how Video games influence players to repeat violent acts in the games in real life. My KQ is 'To what extent can modern media negatively influence human behaviour?' but the overall TOK teacher said "She would have to make sure the presentation was about how we choose what to believe. But I am not sure how closely the RLS is related to that, unless the video game counts as 'media'?? Perhaps the focus can be more around the use of imagination and memory if you were going to use his suggested KQ." and now i dont know what to do or how to change my KQ. Please help!!! Thanks!
  13. needtosurvive

    Chemistry IA

    Hey guys, Im writing an IA on a titration experiment and was wondering if you guys have any tips for IA's in general? Thanks!
  14. needtosurvive

    Chemistry SL

    hey guys, this year has been terrible for me in terms of chemistry, im close to failing. I was just wondering if there are any textbooks that you would recommend?? Thanks
  15. needtosurvive

    TOK essay

    hey guys im writing an essay on "Art helps us to make sense of the world. Discuss the extent to which this statement is true and contrast it with a second of knowledge." i know what my paragraphs are going to be but i just dont know how to write the introduction please help

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