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  1. Hi there! I'm in a similar predicament as you, I'm from New Zealand, but I'm doing the IB abroad. I've read online that we apply the UAC system, which is the domestic Australian system. We're still considered as domestic students, thankfully, as we are Kiwis, which is considered domestic to Australia. Here's the link that I think is helpful. Hope I helped!
  2. Hi everyone, I was brainstorming topics for an EE and I am thinking of doing my EE on Psychology because it is one of my favourite subjects in the Diploma. I am really interested in Brene Brown's research on vulnerability and her whole works behind it (courage, shame, authenticity, human connection is what she 'specializes' in), and I would love to do it as an EE RQ, but I'm not sure if the whole concept of vulnerability would be an appropriate topic to explore as a psychology EE. Do you guys think it would be an okay topic to use in an EE? I haven't properly formulated a question yet, but this is one of the areas I'm really enthusiastic to learn about because I think it's such an important topic and 'life advice' to look at. If you don't know what Brene Brown's work is like, here's a really good TED talk about she talks about.
  3. Yeah, they do offer Economics, but taking it this year for the IGCSE, I feel like it's a bit of a bore for me and I don't think I would enjoy doing it as an IB Subject for two years, which is why I opted for Geography instead.
  4. Okay, I think I'm going to end up with the following: English Language and Literature HL Psychology HL French AB Initio Mathematics SL Either Chemistry SL or Biology HL Geography HL or SL depending on which Science I pick. What do y'all think about these subjects for law? Any alterations I should make? Thank you
  5. The thing is, my school doesn't offer history, which is a bummer. What about biology over physics? I'm taking Biology at the moment for IGCSE and I usually get the highest marks in the year- and plus, I'm better at Biology, I'm not the brightest when it comes to math, hence the reluctance to do Economics. Psychology is considered a soft choice? Hmm, I didn't know that- but it does seem interesting. How difficult would you say Chemistry at HL, and what is your personal experience with the subject, since you are taking it and it'd be awesome for some insight from someone who's actually doing the course.
  6. Hey everybody. More questions for subject selections for IB next year, like a lot of other people who are going through this process as well. I'm kind of interested in pursuing law in the future, but I'm not entirely sure as to what subjects I should take in order to make me a good applicant for law as well as give me a high, solid IB score. Law is also kind of vague, which to be honest, it makes it so much harder for me to pick out what I should do. The subjects I've picked out so far are: English Language and Literature HL French AB Initio Chemistry (Unsure if I should go with HL or SL, I've read that it's quite difficult to get a 6 or 7 for HL) Math SL (No way in hell I could do HL, I'm already struggling with IGCSE Additional Mathematics) Obviously, I have to still pick out a Social Science, as well as an extra one to fill in the Arts- and I have absolutely no clue what I should pick, since I'm getting mixed advice from everywhere. The other subjects my school offers are: Biology Geography Economics ITGS (not fond of this, I've heard it's regarded as a "soft choice") ESS (same reason for ITGS) Psychology (I'm not sure if this would be entirely appropriate for law) Physics If anyone had suggestions as to how I should select the rest of my subjects (and which should be HL or SL) for law or what you selected to get where you wanted to be (if you took law and have any firsthand experience with the selection process to go toward law would be incredibly helpful) or even just some advice about the IB in general would be amazing. Thank you!