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  1. One1

    TOK Presentation question

    Yeah thats what i mean
  2. So for the TOK presentation, is it ABSOLUTELY necessary to use BOTH areas of knowledge AND ways of knowing?
  3. One1

    TOK presentation

    Hi. I just have one simple question to ask. Are you allowed to read off your script in the TOK presentation, as long as you look up and engage the audience? I could not find a site anywhere saying that you are not allowed to read off from your script, but I just want to make sure. Thanks
  4. What do you mean by the teacher/interviewer filling in the gap? My teacher that will be in the recording room with me doesnt speak my language..
  5. Hello. I have a few questions I would like to ask about my upcoming IOC and IOP in late March. I asked these questions to my teacher but she didn't seem 100% sure. 1. Can we bring as many notes as we want into the PREPARATION room, but only take in 1 A4 paper into the RECORDING room? 2. How many notes can we bring in for our IOP? 3. Is it okay if our IOC is relatively short, even 5 minutes long? (I don't aim to get a 7 in self taught, I just want to pass, but I am really worried about this because when practicing with my extracts I could only get to 5 minutes on most of them, will this be enough to pass?) 4. What happens if you simply read off your notes? (I know this is not allowed but I just wanted to know just how much it affects your grade, is it an automatic 0?) Thank you.
  6. I am currently in 11th grade and we have just started working on our Math IAs. I am really struggling to come up with an idea that will allow me to write 12 pages on and would appreciate if somebody could give me some ideas and explain the main AIM that we have to reach at the end of the exploration. Thanks
  7. One1

    Math HL?

    Well, I wanna be an enginner when I grow up, so probably study engineering. I got recommended for HL Physics which made me want to study engineering in university.
  8. One1

    Math HL?

    I am currently in Grade 10 and my teacher recommended I take SL Math. My grades were considerabely good, my knowing and understanding criterion was a 6. I believe I can take HL with the help of a tutor and dedication. I wanted to get your opinion on the matter. Should I take HL or SL? Thank you
  9. One1

    Geography HL?

    Hello, I am currently in 10th grade and this is my first year in the IB diploma. In the beginning of the year I chose to take History and Economics, but now, remembering that I am much better at geography than both Economics and History, I regret that I did not choose Geography and wish to take it next year in HL. My question is, is it recommended to take Geography HL in a subject I did not take in the IB Program at all? Thank you.
  10. One1

    Chemistry HL?

    I am thinking of Economics HL. I am currently taking Economics for the first time so I will see how it goes. Other than that I am not sure as of yet. Maybe Geography.
  11. One1

    Chemistry HL?

    Hello, I wanted to get your opinion if I should take chemistry HL in the IB next year (i am in 10th grade). In my previous school we did not have the IB program and we learned chemistry less, but this year we started learning chemistry and i got pretty good grades 6s and 7s (sometimes 5s). But I was wondering if I should be in such a hurry to want to take it in the IB HL next year? Should I wait a bit longer to see how it goes until the rest of the year? Thank you.
  12. One1

    Math HL?

    Hello, I am currently in 10th grade and in the past week we had to get recommendations from our teachers for the IB program next year. I wanted to take HL mathematics as I am currently in Standard High Level. The Highest class at my school is Extended Mathematics. After none of the other students in my class (including me) got an HL recommendation, I was wondering if I should take it HL next year because I heard it was much tougher than SL. This was my first year in the IB and they learned some subjects that I have not learned in my previous country, which got me a 2/8 on my first test. But after I went home and studied and got 8/8 on the following test. Ok so anyways, math interests me alot, I got relatively good grades for the rest of the year in mathematics: one 8s two 7s one 6s. I was wondering if this would be enough to survive HL mathematics next year? Because all my friends told me it would ruin me Thank you.

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