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  1. Although there isn't one answer for your questions but here is my opinion: 1) a) Meet the deadlines b) Clear all doubts c) follow the syllabus and requirements especially for IA's and EE. d) Procrastinate only if you don't mind sleeping for less than 5 hours. e) Finish all CAS activities by the first year. 2) a) An hour everyday plus homework and reading for subjects like history should be fine. b) Practice past papers while preparing for the tests. For the school tests, teachers might take questions from past papers and if you can solve them correctly, you just increased your predicted grade. 3) a) In my opinion anything above 34 is good. Between 30 - 34 is still decent. Anything above 38 is excellent and you should be happy with that. b) A good start would be to drop one subject unless you really need it because 4 HL including a PCM combination is quite challenging itself. And I'm assuming that by taking those subjects at HL you would want to do something along the line of science in which case History is not required. If you are still interested in it then I'd suggest borrow books and read it in your spare time because in my opinion its not worth the extra work and effort you would have to put in History which could potentially jeopardise your chances of getting a higher grade in the other subjects. c) Other than that you should be fine if you follow the above recommendations. 4) my study schedule is very random. Some days its heavy workload in terms of assignments such as written tasks and presentations and the other days its just playing around. So I just adapt depending upon the week.
  2. TDgen47@IB

    How hard is IB Physics?

    I would encourage you to take it if you like it. You can drop to SL later if you really find it too hard. Its not easy for sure but I guess it is meant to be that way. Just take it and see how it suits and caters to your needs. It will especially be helpful if you plan on doing something physics related (e.g.: engineering) later on in uni.
  3. TDgen47@IB


    Well I guess you could divide context into 'Context of interpretation' and 'Context of composition' . the former includes the conditions under which the writer had written the text. The latter includes the conditions under which the reader reads and interprets the text. And you could play around with the latter by comparing the context of interpretation at that the time the text was written and context of interpretation at current time.
  4. Hey, Will doing an EE in a subject help in the university looking positively upon this fact if one is applying for a course that includes the subject directly? For example, If i do my EE in chemistry , and apply for medicine/engineering, will the university I apply to favour this and give me a better chance for getting accepted?
  5. Take Math SL to begin with. Once you are a little more focused and have a rough idea as to what you are going to pursue, you can either drop or keep Math SL. Take German as well if you can manage the workload.
  6. If you were to drop one of your HL subjects, it should ideally be History. Try your best not to drop math and physics.
  7. Taking chemistry HL and math HL seems to best fit your agenda of becoming a chemical engineer. Whether it is manageable or not will depend on other subjects as well. So taking some easy subjects not requiring a lot of work will definitely make the whole combo much more manageable while still fulfilling your needs of pursuing a course in chemical engineering in uni.
  8. If I am not wrong for either physics or chemistry you will receive a certificate if you pass the exam. So your 7th subject is an IB certificate subject.
  9. well given that these exams are mocks and new syllabus is involved, your focus should not be on doing well but on taking the risks and learning as much as possible from the mistakes. That doesn't mean that doing well is not a priority but really that shouldn't be your main focus. And by risks I mean that if you are not sure on how to approach a particular question, just do what seems most suitable (for example, follow the old syllabus way of approach and answer) and see the end result and change whatever is needed to be changed for the actual real final exams. Other than that ,yea, you just have to revise and know your chemistry and you should be fine because I think if you know your chemistry (because chemistry is chemistry), then the only concern remaining is the approach and the answering technique which should be clear after these mocks.
  10. Taking another A language will give you a bilingual diploma which definitely seems more useful than business management given its drawbacks and the fact that that you want to major in English. so take Indonesian lang and lit HL.
  11. Hey Nickel! I think you can, as long as you get moles as the final unit. Use dimensional analysis to get to your answer, because that can help in these kinds of situations. cheers, -theswizzlerbruh Thanks. Could you briefly explain dimensional analysis? I'm not very good at chem and although I might know what method you're talking about, I don't recognize the name. It is a method that is used to find out a result of a problem, given a balanced chemical equation and weighed mass of some of the elements in the equation. So basically, in your case, make an equation with the reactions and products, balance it, and then use dimensional analysis to find the answer. btw, it is also known as the factor label method. If you still don't understand it, consult your IB book, and look under the chapter "Stoichiometry". cheers! I understand, thanks. However I don't see it in my book, (Pearson Bacc HL)....maybe I'm losing my eyesight or maybe there's a bit of difference in what we learned? (was never mentioned in class either) I too am using Pearson Bacc HL. Dimensional analysis is given on pg no 20 in the chapter "Stoichiometric Relationships"
  12. Your IB experience is going to mainly include word processing, power point, pdf stuff, maybe excel and a lot of web surfing. All these tasks are handled by windows 7 very well without much privacy rants from its users. Windows 10 apparently does invade your privacy (atleast more than windows 7). Also it is known to have a few major bugs. So if you are wanting to upgrade I would suggest you wait for some more time (next year maybe?). In my opinion, it is in no way going to improve your experience in the IB programme. If anything it might just make it worse if an important application ceases to function when needed.
  13. I will definitely be taking the SAT. Is there a test I will have to take for pursuing medicine in the aforementioned countries? I really like the fact that Biology would not make an impact on my diploma so I can get away with a 4 or can I? I have the following universities in mind at the moment: USA Engineering/Bsc - Georgia Tech, Caltech, Princeton, MIT (long shot), others as well but I can't remember all of them Medicine/Bsc - Princeton, Harvard (really long shot). Cananda - Don't know much but I'm looking at Mcgill. Australia Engineering/Medicine/Bsc - University of Melbourne, University of Sydney. I personally think, its a bit too early to be emailing universities regarding the requirements. I just want to have a basic idea as to whether these subjects will keep all my options open in generally most universities of a particular country from the list of the aforementioned countries.
  14. TDgen47@IB


    Haha!! I actually did watch the movie on an airplane!! In addition to that I also watched air crash investigations...
  15. Hi, I want to pursue either engineering or medicine (or Bsc) after IB. As such I want to have chosen the right subjects that will keep all 3 of my options open. I am not interested in applying for an irregular diploma. I am looking to pursue the aforementioned courses in renowned universities of USA, Australia, Canada and Europe (specifically Denmark). If there is one thing in my life I'm sure about, its that I DON'T want to pursue a course in England. This is my current subject combo: 1) English lit lang HL 2) Danish B SL (probably changing to self taught) 3) Economics SL 4) Physics HL 5) Chemistry HL 6) Math HL At the moment I have taken Biology SL as well just to be on the safe side (not sure how this combo is safe for my mental health though). I really want to remove Biology because of the overwhelming workload and because engineering requires Phy, Chem, Math. I have studied Biology in 9th and 10th grade. Have I made the right choice regarding subjects? Is it alright if I remove Biology? I want your opinions/suggestions/more information/experiences/additional university requirements on this subject. Please help and any help is appreciated.

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