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  1. greentea06

    science paper 3 section A

    Yeah I agree with you that there is no perfect way to study for section A. However, I felt like section A for biology is more based on core knowledge whereas that for chemistry is more based on our skills in interpreting graphs. Anyway, thank you for your answer :)) good luck on the exams!
  2. Hi guys I don't know about physics but for bio and chem, section A is based on experimental work, right? but that sounds soo arbitrary and feel like anything could be on section A. So I want to know how you guys are studying for paper 3 section A for sciences..
  3. greentea06

    Did anyone write data based analysis IA

    Kinda late, but thank you everyone for the advice! I ended up doing experiment-based IA and scored 23/24! (not moderated yet though) I was thinking of doing data-based IA because I thought researching saves more time than doing an actual experiment, but finding an appropriate research source was very demanding. For those of you, juniors, who are considering data-based IA, I strongly advise to do experiment-based IA :))
  4. greentea06

    Did anyone write data based analysis IA

    Hey! Sorry I was bit late to see your post Does your teacher also not allow you to write a data-based IA? Since my teacher is kinda negative about it (he said that example would be more like a math IA) , I think i have to do an experiment based, though I don't want to... Is there anyone in your school last year did a data-based??
  5. From May 2016 session, science IA is changed so that students can do online database analysis as their IA right? I want to write something similar to this one --> https://ibpublishing.ibo.org/server2/rest/app/tsm.xql?doc=d_4_biolo_tsm_1408_1_e&part=8&chapter=10 which takes the database from WHO and sees the correlation between the incidence of a disease and HDI (Human development Index). Is there anyone who wrote online database analysis IA this year and scored well (7) ? Since this is a new thing, my teacher is kind of negative about it... But I still want to write it, as I can't think of any original IA experiments. Thank you!
  6. greentea06

    Is it okay to have failed results for chem IA

    Thanks for your reply. What do you mean by simulation? Also, if I can explain the random increases and decreases in the pressure, is it okay to continue writing the IA with that data?
  7. greentea06

    Is it okay to have failed results for chem IA

    But the problem is that my previous chem teacher, who left the school this year but supervised? my experiment, told me to do the experiment again with better equipment next year to get better results (though I thought I can just write my IA with the imperfect data). Since he left, I no longer feel I should do my IA again, and I think that my new teacher might allow me to just write the IA without doing a new experiment. Also, I kinda want to finish writing my chem IA during summer so I need an assurance that I can write my IA with the imperfect results! Do you think it is still okay?
  8. So my chem IA is about the ideal gas law, PV=nRT. While I needed to keep 'n' value constant, I failed to do so due to limited school equipment. As a result, neither increasing nor decreasing trend couldn't be found in the data collected. You know what I mean? so like for example, as the temperature increases, pressure should increase, right? but some part of the data agrees with the theory, while others do not, like this: Volume Pressure 10 100 20 93 30 95 40 101 50 96 (this data is fabricated to illustrate what I mean ) Is it okay to have completely screwed up data as long as I write a great evaluation or should I do the experiment again with better equipment?

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