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  1. a_djoko

    3 places u want to visit after IB?

    -Brazil -Germany -Morocco
  2. a_djoko


    Spread of data. the mean, median, mode iqr etc. This will identify how well each individual has performed over the 200 games
  3. a_djoko

    EE turnitin percentage

    It depends on the subject and topic you've choose. I completed my EE on psychology and received a total of 13% plagiarism
  4. a_djoko

    My predicted grades are too low.

    Not that I know of. Here in Australia you just choose your preferences and change them as soon as possible after receiving your mark. From what I know predicted marks aren't even supposed to be shared with students, they're supposed only a record for the school. Maybe you should ask your teachers for further information, every school differs.
  5. a_djoko

    My predicted grades are too low.

    Don't worry about it, predicted marks are only sent off to the IB and confirmed if something happens to your exam papers, god forbid. Given that you have more than 6 months you can improve your marks. Your teachers never know, you may shine in the exams and bam their predicted marks were just 'predicted' and mean nothing. Your main goal is to focus on lifting those predicted marks and complaining about them won't get you anywhere. Its either go hard in the final months of IB or go home. Excuse me for being so blunt.
  6. a_djoko

    What computer do you guys use for school?

    I use a windows based program, dell inspiron 15R ONLY FOR THE SAKE OF QUESTIONBANK and Word document. I know other Mac users who get frustrated whenever their windows 7 (to access Questionbank) on their Mac lags or when the whole program does not open. For word document, with a Mac it changes the format of the document. Therefore,it is only handy if you're sending work from a Mac to Mac. Other than that structure of your work is all over the place.In the crucial times of final IB you need Questionbank and since the Internals are sent electronically, for a Mac user many of my classmates submit their assignments as PDFs but due to the file being to larger their only hope is a word document, crossing their fingers that the format does not change.
  7. Hey, most universities here in Australia only require English as a prerequisite to major in Psychology. I'm currently in my final year of IB ( i think that is IB2...) and I'm taking maths studies instead of maths standard level. I had initially started IB with Maths Standard and realized that I was not a maths person no matter how much time and effort I put towards that subject. So for IB2 I changed to Maths studies as the content is less than Maths standard level, easier and MATHS THAT YOU'LL ACTUALLY USE IN LIFE. Honestly if you don't need maths standard level its not worth taking it as it requires more time out of your day or night, where you can spend that working on your other subjects, for instance Psychology since you're taking it at AP level. At the end of the day its whatever you feel comfortable with. Good luck
  8. a_djoko

    Operationalised Hypothesis!

    Hi guys, my teacher has told me to operationalise my hypothesis and I have no clue if I've done it right,or if I even have done it. What would be the operationalised Hypothesis for: Experimental Hypothesis (H1) = Participants who will be viewing images, will be able to recall more words than participants who will hear the words. Null Hypothesis (H0) = Participants who will be viewing the image, will have no significant effect on the number of words recalled. Thanks
  9. a_djoko

    What goes into your IB school bag?

    Study-guide books, FOOD, extra stationary items and laptop charger. Laptop in IB is life
  10. 2.1.1 Outline the cell theory. The cell theory states that: All living organisms are composed of cells. Multicellular organisms (example: humans) are composed of many cells while unicellular organisms (example: bacteria) are composed of only one cell. Cells are the basic unit of structure in all organisms. Cells are the smallest unit of life. They are the smallest structures capable of surviving on their own. Cells come from pre-exsisting cells and cannot be created from non-living material. For example, new cells arise from cell division and a zygote (the very first cell formed when an organism is produced) arises from the fusion of an egg cell and a sperm cell. IBQuestionBanks answer is C.
  11. a_djoko

    In-Text Citation Advice - Psych

    Most likely John (1999) (as cited in Smith, 2007) because you are using the information obtained from the source and that source which you obtained the info, is from another source. Its like asking one where did you get that biscuit and they tell you woolies you dont go tell woolies where did you get it from, you rather look at the information on the packaging. in this case you look at the primary source. Hope it makes sense (ahla kaff coming my way lel).
  12. a_djoko

    Psychology HL IA - Advice

    Minimum of 2 mate. How long do you want your IA to be? Leave it at a bare minimum.
  13. Arabic SL/HL French ab initio/ B SL Indonesian ab initio/ B SL/ B HL
  14. a_djoko

    Written Task 2.

    Okay thank you.
  15. a_djoko

    Written Task 2.

    Thank Mr_Awesome. But I'm Cooler

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