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  1. I still have a lot of time before my deadline. This is my first draft. Feel free to comment, change, or edit anything. Please comment and I'll share the link! Thanks a lot! P.S. As of now, this looks like a mess. I don't know how the PS tag got selected; it should be CE.
  2. Do you know where exemplary NYU AD essays can be found? I just want to see their preferences.
  3. NYU AD's acceptance rate for 2014 was 2.1%.
  4. Oh, right! I knew there was something peculiar and amiss about the UK. Do Scotland and Wales have the same rules (e.g. Uni of Edi)? I am still wondering if music colleges in UK will accept though. I'll essay the Ivy League, then. Well, all universities in Lebanon accept young students; however, I'm looking for a uni with higher ranking (AUB stands at 268 or so) and available scholarship which is obviously a rare phenomenon in here Thanks, good luck to you as well!
  5. Well, I have no specific preferences for majors (and that is because I usually prefer all) and haven't decided a major yet and probably never will, but for this case I think I'd choose either of these: Music, Biochemical Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Architecture. I am also exploring your blog and just read your story; I am very happy for you. I think I will experience some wretchedness until finding a suitable field for my studies. I have a question, though: Was the IB diploma sole enough for the Oxford application? I thought they would be the last to accept younger students. Wow!
  6. I am a non-EU citizen and will graduate at the age of 15. I am having a hard time finding bachelor's degrees that accept young students. Considering that admission criteria will be met, what are some universities (with reasonable rankings) (or countries) that accept students at an early age (preferably with affordable tuition or available scholarship)? I can manage to study in English, French and some Spanish. P.S. I am neither US- nor EU-based. GPA 3.6/4.0, Rank 10%. IELTS and SAT taken, scores not received. There are no community colleges in my country.
  7. Fluent: Armenian, English, French Intermediate: Conversational Arabic, Spanish Basic: Russian
  8. Well, technically, NYU AD even accepts national diplomas, thus an IB diploma is already an advantage. Your grades are quite reasonable, plus other auxiliary documents and participation papers will be of help. If you attach any additional test scores, i.e. IELTS/TOEFL, SAT, SAT II, which are not requisites for you (at all), you would surely have a bolder chance. A lot more depends on your essays! By the way, are there any NYU-accredited counsellors from Armenia? Didn't find one. NYU AD is fairly facile to get into, what you might now need is a scholarship! They have a ridiculously expensive tuition of until $70,000. You do stand a very good chance. (You're nominated as well.) Keep your hopes up and don't limit yourself to just one university; even Oxbridge accepts 776 at HL! Best of luck!
  9. I dreamt of apocalypse.
  10. Hey! How are you guys? Sometimes I just sit and think that my days are passing unmeaningfully. Yeah, I go to school, I study, I play games, I do a lot of stuff, play a musical instrument, etc. but I feel like I'm not doing aught. Does anybody else feel that his/her life's days are passing and he/she feels that he/she did nothing by the end of the day. Sometimes, I wonder, 'Is this how it's always got to be?' I feel like whatever I'm doing is meaningless. All in all, I don't think I always feel happy, even though everything's alright. Can you suggest some things to make your day more interesting and meaningful, i.e. memorable, too? How do you usually pass your day (daily routines?)? Thank you!
  11. For Law, UCL and Cambridge do not have specific subject requirements, but necessitate a high grade of 40/45 on your diploma.
  12. Mahalo! Thanks guys for all your responses. Now I can decide! @Baller97 Thank you for your particular answer (I needed the info about uni's of those countries). Btw, do you think if taking the course as SL or HL will make any difference?
  13. Thanks for the answer Btw, do you know if there will be a difference if I take English SL or HL? (Because I shall drop either English or Physics to SL, but I'd prefer English, but because there all these proficiency tests of English, I'm hesitating a bit)
  14. My native language is not English. Though, I have chosen English A1: language and literature HL for Group 1. When applying to universities, will I be demanded to take an English proficiency test (i.e. IELTS, TOEFL, SAT) if my Group 1 language is English HL at IB? Will I be regarded as an applicant whose ‘native’ (or ‘best’—are those equal?) language is not English? Will there be a difference if I take English SL or HL? If it's SL, will I have to pass IELTS? Additionally, does SAT Reasoning Test help IB students for university applications and admissions? My humblest gratitude.
  15. Actually I need Physics & Chemistry (and btw I'm better at Chemistry). Does it worth removing English HL and replacing it by Physics HL? If I don't take English A HL, as I understood, I'll have to pass an English language exam (i.e. IELTS) to get admitted or it's the same in both cases?