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  1. How would i convert a GPA of 6.0 out of a 7.0 scale to the U.S 4.0 scale? I have to give this to apply for a summer program in the US. Thanks! btw im doing ib diploma and im taking 6 classes (tok dosent count for my gpa)
  2. Will engineering be hard in an American University if u take IB Diploma? This is of course given that u take at least 2 HL of either physics chemistry or math.
  3. Finding Boiling point of the solutions containing different salts. Finding Boiling point of solutions of different concentrations. Also What chemicals should I use?
  4. This is my IA idea for chem. How would I go about to do the following: -Measuring boiling point of different halogens to see how boiling point varies w/ atomic size -Boiling point of Sodium, Magnesium and Aluminium to see how boiling point varies with charge. - Symmetry of different compounds (ex. organic compounds) and its boiling point trend Thanks for the input!
  5. im gonna focus it on the state of colorado. I think u are mistaken there is A LOT of research on this the problem is that there are too many things to talk about and i don't know which specific things to pick to narrow it down.
  6. How can I narrow down this EE topic? btw im gonna focus it on colorado
  7. What would be a good claim and counter claim for this knowledge question?
  8. THANK YOU! Also, how would I title my essay?
  9. I am having trouble planning out how I would write this essay. Also I have to figure out what economic impact I could look into. I have to do a 4 slide presentation next week of my idea and would appreciate it if you guys could help me out plan out the basic structure. THANKS!
  10. -Link between concentration and boiling point. -Difference of boiling points between substances were charge of ions vary. -Difference in boiling point of halides. Does size affect boiling point? Does concentration affect boiling point? Any additional things I could add?
  11. Can anyone please give me a link to past paper questions of oscillation and waves and wave phenoma for HL. It would be very helpful... THANKS!
  12. I would like to practice for a stoichiometry test with ib past paper questions. thanks
  13. One month and a half has passed and i still can't choose a topic. Maybe a topic that has to do with German cars? BMW, etc... ? Something that has to do with operating system companies? Externalities? Price discrimination? I really have no ideas and would appreciate it if I get some ideas. I need a rationale by tomorrow :/ THANKS for your answers.

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