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  1. Hello! Would anyone please explain me how uncertainties work? Do you have to calculate them? if so, how?
  2. I would recommend you to take math SL as it will open more doors to you in the future Think of who you want to be, if you wish to go to a medical uni you will need math sl and maybe chemistry at a higher level. If you wish to study social subjects take philosophy at a Sl instead of chemistry.
  3. Siencefreak

    Paper 1

    Hello! I would be very thankful if I could get some tips on how to structure my Paper 1. I know that we need to have a thesis, but I have no idea what it should be based on. As well as how many paragraphs I should have and what I should include in each!
  4. Hello! For exams in 2016, do we need to memorize all the formulas, or will we be given a paper sheet with the formulas. For example now we have chapter on concentrations, and there are 3 formulas, do we have to memorize them?
  5. Hey! Do you have any good introduction and conclusion phrases? Like with what phrases should I start my IOC? What should I include in introduction and how I can conclude it? Thanks
  6. Ok thanks! So what should I do now? Should I come up with arguments? How do I do that?
  7. Hey! I was thinking of doing my practice presentation about horse racing, and as you know horses are not treated well after their career, they are sent to slaugherhouses and so on (my introduction).... So I was thinking about my Knowledge issue "How morally inconsistent is it to own an animals to only benefit ourselves." Do you think this question would work? and what do I have to do after I have thought about my Knowledge issue. Thanks!
  8. Hey guys! I am preparing for my IOCs and I have no idea how to analyze a short story. Is there any tips how I can analyze a short story? We are reading Poe's short stories now, and I am struggling with understanding them!
  9. That would be very helpful, thanks!
  10. Hey! I wondering if you guys could share your IA ideas for ESS! The only ideas I came up with is testing different soil types, pollution (lab reports). But is there any other good ideas you can come up with?
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