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  1. HannaW98

    Tackling SAT and ACT with IBDP

    I agree that Khan Academy can be inadequate but my case was completely different; I had very good Evidence-Based Reading&Writing score and quite poor Maths score, although I practised Maths a lot. On the other hand, I heard of one guy who used only KA and got 1510. So I think it depends on your personal skills. I'm not an expert but I really don't think that good SAT score can cover up for lack of extra-curricular activities. Most unis want to see at least several ones. I heard about guys who got+2300 points (according to the old version) but were not admitted to many schools.
  2. HannaW98

    IAs - could you have a look, please?

    HL. But still it'd be awesome
  3. HannaW98

    Tackling SAT and ACT with IBDP

    Btw why did you wrote 'SAT and ACT'? You need only one test (and many unis also want to see your SAT II scores)
  4. HannaW98

    Tackling SAT and ACT with IBDP

    Hi, I agree that it is difficult. But as long as you try, you have a chance Have you checked out Khan Academy's SAT preparation?
  5. HannaW98

    IAs - could you have a look, please?

    thanks a lot! I've just sent you a message
  6. Hi guys, I have a little problem with my IAs. I mean, I am done with most of them but I am afraid that I don't get appropriate support from my teachers. I really don't want to complain, they're very nice and eager to read my drafts but the fact is that my school last year's average IB score was less than 30 and I am afraid that this was partially due to insufficient teachers' support. And I can't afford to any IB consultations cause they're so expensive. I am doing my best but I really don't want to score very low just because I was not told that there is something wrong with my IAs. I am mostly concerned with Physics, History and English A: Language and Literature. Is there anyone who would be willing to read them and tell if they're OK? I'd be eternally grateful
  7. HannaW98


    If I can recommend one really great website which may help you, check out Khan Academy. It saved my last Physics test and to the best of my knowledge they also offer Maths and Economics tutorials.
  8. Hi guys! I'm doing my Maths Studies IA about the the relationship between time spent on using social media and cognitive skills among teenagers. In order to gather data, I need to carry out an experiment. It is going to look like in the following way: - use Facebook for 5 minutes - then go to http://www.humanbenchmark.com/games, play these 4 games, save both your score and the percentile from every game - then use Facebook for 10 minutes and again, play these 4 games, save both your score and the percentile from every game - then use Facebook for 15 minutes and do exactly the same. Next day, use Twitter for 5, 10 and 15 minutes. After each period, play 4 games, save your scores and percentiles. Then do exactly the same for Snapchat. You can do everything on the same day, or you can break this experiment into smaller components. Just make a break between using each social media, so that the gathered data will be unreliable. I created a special table, where you can enter your data. I think I need the table completed until Monday afternoon (Central European Time).You can upload the finished table below or send it to me in a private message. I'd be eternally garteful if you could help me with this. Thanks! social_media.docx
  9. Thanks
  10. HannaW98


    I sent a private message
  11. Thank you for your quick responses. In fact, before choosing the RQ I went to Geography teacher and asked her if I could write my EE about one-child policy from Geography, even though I don't take this subject. But she suggested that I should write my EE from the subject I'm already taking so I came back to History. I think I'll completely change the topic of my EE. I have no idea on how to rephrase it and I really want to write my EE from history since it's one of my strongest subjects.
  12. Hi, I chose my EE topic a few months ago but recently, while doing the research, I encountered one problem. My EE research question is “Why was one-child policy implemented and was it necessary for the development of China?”. It was accepted by my History teacher, he also took my EE outline and the first, very short draft but he didn't comment on that. My EE outline includes: describing the historical background of population change in China, explanation of circumstances of introducing one-child policy, explanation of motives of Chinese authorities responsible for this policy, describing the early stage of one-child policy (introduction & first concequences). Then I was going to determine whether the introduction of one-child policy in China was really necessary to avoid overpopulation and its all negative consequences. The problem is, that most of the bibliography I found are books or articles which are not written by historians. They were written by sociologists, anthropologists, political scientists, biologists but I did not find a single research paper about one-child policy written by a historian. And I know that History EE should be based on sources produced by historians. I'm stuck now cause I don't know whether my EE RQ is right. I can't discuss it with my teacher now, since I have a summer holiday. I'd love to work on my EE but I don't know whether I should write anything, since the whole RQ may be inappropriate. Do you regard my EE topic right? What not, what can I do? Do you have any idea on how to rephrase this topic, so that it will fit in with History?
  13. Hi, I'd be interested in cooperating with you I'll write an email. (In September I'm starting IB)

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