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  1. yes, i thought there was a mistake as well. I couldnt make sense of that question either. I did option A and B. A was pretty much doable and some questions were easy but I felt that B was difficult this year. Some questions like the current one and prove that, I couldnt get them.
  2. What did you guys think about paper 3 in Tz2?
  3. How was it in chemistry? What did you enjoyed the most about it? tbh I enjoyed every bit of it I love chemistry as a subject so I really enjoyed it by using it in like a real life practical thing. Because in books its all just theoretical but once you get to do experiments and fit a hypothesis and mine didnt work for some while and then coming with explanations. I think it was pretty fun and enjoyable. But I can imagine if someone does chem and they dont like chem (some people did that in my school) then it can be quite boring.
  4. In which subjects did u guys do their EEs in? I did mine in chemistry. Anyone else?
  5. What did u guys get for the question with the pendulum?? The one that asked about when velocity is directed to the right??
  6. If it was going downwards then that means that mg - T = ma, since Mg > T. So -T = ma - mg T = mg - ma
  7. Do you remember if the elevator was accelerating downwards or upwards??
  8. I think it depends on the subject a little bit. I did mine in chemistry, so it was better to do it in second year because we learned a lot of things that I could use and also different things I had to learn were made easier. I think that would also apply to physics and Maths. but if you doing a subject like History, English or a B language, then maybe you can start in the 1st year, because for them you dont have to learn new 'skills or tricks'. Of course you can make amendments and actually make them better until the second year. But in sciences, you will probably get stuck in learning new things on your own and will take more time. In our school, we started EEs before summer and had to finish in August for first draft. Like I said, since I did mine in chem, we hadnt covered acid and bases and therefore it was quite difficult for me to use those concepts in my EE, since I actually had to do something which is a bit higher than IB acid and bases, but the rest like equilibrium and organic I could easily use because we had done them in class. Hope this makes sense
  9. YES I got that too. I got 5.something as well
  10. Oh I picked A. The linear graph but starting above 0.
  11. I wrote Mg + ma as well because I messed up the sign in the exam but it was (Mg - ma).
  12. Yes I remember that question. I just guessed A but I was so confused with the magnetic field, I couldnt figure it out either. oh nice. I did question 5 as well. Yes, I loved the SHM question as well. I thought it was so simple. I was just a bit scared about the last two questions on electric currents. I got the current to be something like 0.4545 and the volt to be 6 V. What did u get for ii for current and the voltage? And how did u do the last power question? How did you do the displacement question in Section A. What did u get for it? I think i got something like 5.6 m.
  13. How did it go for the Tz2 paper Physics guys? I was unsure about quite a few in paper 1 but I think paper 2 was easier. Some paper 1 questions were so different from past papers or is it only me??
  14. Anyone from Tz2? How did it go? I am SL and I thought P1 was ok difficulty while P2 was a pretty good paper. I picked Q.5 (2nd in section B). Did anyone else pick q.5 as well??
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