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  1. merging

    Celebratory Post

    Good luck with the rest of yours!! AND THANK YOU
  2. merging

    Celebratory Post

    YAY I'm done with IB!! Who else just finished as well? ^^ Time to celebrate
  3. merging

    English A Literature HL Paper 1

    no i did the machinist teaches his daughter how to play the piano do we have different poems?
  4. merging

    English A Literature HL Paper 1

    I did the TZ1 poem, and talked about the human connection to music... What did you guys interpret of it?
  5. merging

    English A Literature Paper 1

    I did the TZ1 poem
  6. merging

    Changing IB subjects

    Yes... I changed 2 courses this November but it's fine really
  7. merging

    Is Physics SL hard?

    Only take it if you love it- a lot.
  8. merging

    Hot or Not? IB edition

    yes because you just motivated me to do my apps
  9. merging

    Ban the person above you

    Banned because it's only 11:50 am for you according to your local time stats !!!
  10. merging

    How do you guys deal with stress?

    Take short power naps!
  11. merging

    Interview the person below you

    How many languages do you speak?
  12. merging

    Medicine without biology?

    For Canada at least, I am pretty sure bio is a pre-requisite, as listed on the site electronic info.
  13. mac117 you are very good at the sciences you are optimistic (seen in your profile picture haha) you can speak german you are cool

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