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  1. Hello folks, As the title suggests, I need your advice on what to do and how to manage a teacher's resignation. I'm one of the first ever cohort of my school's IB programme and basically, we're guinea pigs. Our school is starting to get a grasp of things, but in my opinion, they could have been more prepared. Anyhow, a lot of teachers ,4 to be precise, have left my school in the past 15 months of starting IB. (Pretty high turnover rate right? ) At one point, we didn't have chemistry for 3 months and we had to go in for triple chem on Saturdays. This is my second year in IB and I just received a notice that my maths teacher resigned today. I'm really worried about not finishing the syllabus in time because I've heard that it's difficult to replace a maths teacher--I don't know how true that is tho. And there's the whole IA junk to worry about. Please give me some advice on what I should and what I can do in this situation. Thank you!
  2. In lang/lit, the aim is to understand the following: 1. How language, culture, and context determine the ways in which meaning is constructed in texts 2. How to think critically about the different interactions between text, audience and purpose And in language A lit., the aim is to understand the following: 1. the techniques involved in literary criticism 2. How to form independent literary judgments and to support those ideas You can find these information in the course guides. I find Lang/Lit more interesting since there are more topics to consider and it helps you to prevent yourself from falling into straps set up by manipulative speakers
  3. Hadassah

    English A or French B for HL?

    Then I guess you should go for something you're really interested in! Taking an online course for SL may work okay, but personally, I think it's better to actually have a teacher in person for HL courses especially for Maths
  4. Hadassah

    English A or French B for HL?

    Hi, I don't take language B so I can't speak for those subjects and I can only give you my perspective on Eng. A lang/lit, but I am really enjoying it right now! After all, language is the base of everything. This subject touches upon a lot of things and it also teaches you a lot on how to set an appropriate register for different text types which may help you write your EE. Like what AnjaDe said, you'll just have more books to read and analyse. I take two language A lang/lit courses, but it isn't that difficult to manage. I don't personally know anyone who takes 4 HLs, but the work load... This is just my personal opinion, but I think it is better to take 3 only. Since you want to take up medicine, why not take maths HL instead of language. (I'm not so sure if that is possible, so please check) Anyhow, good luck!
  5. Hello everyone, I NEED ANY KIND OF HELP THAT ANYONE CAN OFFER ASAP. I go to a school that just got authorised Dec. 2014. EVERYTHING IS MESSES UP and I am at the verge of failing IB and so are my friends. We do not have an IB certified library, an IB certified librarian, IB teachers DO NOT STAY FOR EVER A FREAKING YEAR. Our coordinator has changed twice just in a year and our current coordinator is going to leave at the end of May. Not only did our coordinator change, but other teachers in our programme has changed so many times in just a span of a school year and a half. They even placed an ad for a teacher who is still teacher at my school just to intimidate her just because she questioned them. The IB teachers and other foreign teachers are made to sign a paper saying that they are only employed as a part-time teacher, which is in Japanese. My teachers are being scammed. By signing this, they are unable to sue this institution they call "school" , they do not receive any retirement fee, and so on. THIS IS UNUSUAL. I absolutely have no idea who to bring this issue to. Our "headmaster" is most likely to be the root cause of everything. It seems that he does not care wether we pass or not. He is just using the IB as a tool to attract students. We are not getting the quality of education that the school promised us. We are not getting the proper IB education that we are supposed to and are entitled to receive. My parents are trying to get involved with this issue, but there is no transparency at all among the key people and the teachers and especially with the parents. I'm not trying to complain here. I want to and need to change the situation that me and my cohorts are in. Please let me know who I should bring this issue to and how.
  6. Hadassah

    No formulae on business and management

    My teacher said that too, but he also said that a lot of teachers complained so they canceled that rule. Idk how true that is, but looks like the rules regarding the formulae will not change.
  7. Hadassah

    History HL and Business HL

    Hi, I'm currently taking B&M HL! Just like what L.smy said, if you're planning on taking B&M in uni, go for it! It's not too complicated in my opinion, but there sure are a lot of things to remember. The exams are mostly about how much terminology and BSing you can do tbh. It's just that a lot of people say that it's harder to score a 7 for B&M compared to other group 3 subjects. Idk how true that statement is tho.
  8. Hadassah

    Extended essay question help

    In addition to sophiamitropoulos, it would be better if you specify the country you are going to focus on
  9. Hadassah

    English Lit EE on the Iliad

    Hello, I am currently in the process of brainstorming another RQ for my EE as I was advised to change my topic because my RQ was in a grey zone between being acceptable and not after being approved and after submitting my detailed outline. I must say changing your subject to a class that is not offered is equally as risky as carrying on with your current topic. Depending on who grades your EE, they might actually give you full marks for your RQ, but we all know that we shouldn't be counting on luck. I was going to do a topic that would've gone under category 3, but the majority of the people my coordinator and EE supervisor consulted said that it would be better that I changed my RQ to be safe. The weird thing though, is that one of those that my teacher consulted was an EE examiner said that he would've given me full marks for my RQ. IB is ambiguous in way that they clearly state that students may choose a topic of their choice and yet they set categories that students must abide with and this is not an issue with English, but with other subjects as well. Anyhow, I feel like with some alteration on your topic, you might be able to continue with your topic without making any further changes. Why don't you ask your supervisor/s if you can do Homer's Iliad compared to a novel that contains similar motifs/themes/characteristics with Iliad that's originally written in English. This way, it will go under category 2 and you won't have to worry about getting marks taken off for "misinterpreting" what IB wanted. It must be devastating to be told that your EE may not work after putting so much work into it and making sure you always turned it in by the deadline. I hope everything goes well for you.
  10. Hadassah

    Extended essay in English

    Would love to, but depends on what it's about and the urgency of the feedback
  11. Hello, so basically I read a post about EEs on English A1 and it said that you mustn't choose a novel that you've studied in class. I just wanted to make sure if this is true or not as I've been looking around for a while and I haven't found anything that would support this. Thank you!
  12. Hadassah

    English EE on linguistics

    Hello, I am at the point of writing my EE, my first draft is due in June. My research question is "how do Japanese students remain flexible with their native tongue in various listening conditions, but become inflexible when listening to non-native languages". My RQ has been approved by my supervisor, but as I went online to look for example EEs, all the English essays I could find were about literature. It's my school's first year to do the IB, so I try to do my own research for all the assignments and not rely on the teachers too much. I have done my preliminary research and it seemed like my RQ was okay and I was confident with it, but I am starting to doubt that it isn't relevant to English A lang/lit. I would like to know if my RQ is okay and if it's worth pursuing or not as I would like to change my RQ to a literature related topic like a comparison of an English novel and a translated work (Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath and No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai) ASAP. Thank you!
  13. Hadassah

    B&M HL IA Supporting Docs Help

    I have a friend who's doing business expansion for her IA and she said she's planning on including ratio analysis, SWOT analysis, cash flow, and 4Ps. I'm not entirely sure if she's going to include all that, but they seem relevant to her topic. Good luck!
  14. Hello! I am writing my research proposal for IA and was wondering if there is a certain format that must be used like MLA. My teacher has provided some IA examples that all got full marks for the research proposal and all four had different formats so I just wanted to confirm if I can use any format or not. Thank you
  15. Hadassah

    Maths IA photography and maths

    Hello I take maths SL and my homework for the winter break was to come up with a topic for the IA. I'm considering f/stops in photography which has something to do with geometric sequences and some mathematical explanation why these stop numbers make sense. It seems good enough, I guess, but my concern is that it's not very authentic. May I have your opinions, please? Hadassah

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