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  1. I don't think you'd be able to get much out of the first one and in regards to the 2nd one, I'm not accusing you or anything, but I've seen that EXACT extended essay topic online done by some one else. You'll probably get in trouble for plagiarism if you go with the second
  2. I think the third mark is just saying that particles must collide
  3. What was the answer to the one with Si bond shapes?
  4. It's definitely not easier than standard provincial-curriculum level chemistry. At my school advanced chemistry is a prerequisite for IB Chemistry SL.
  5. For the first one use the double angle identity to make sin(-4x)= -2sin2x cos2x step 2: move -sin2x over: -2sin2x cos2x - sin2x = 0 step 3: factor: sin2x ( -2cosx - 1) = 0 step 4: set both factors equal to zero: sin2x = 0, x=0 2cosx - 1 = 0 cosx = 1/2 x = arccos(1/2) x1 = 1.05 step 5. x2 = pi - 1.05 = 2.09 step 6: add 2pi to 1.05 and 2.09 till you have all the values within the restriction! ( i might do the others when im less tired!)
  6. 1) Male 2) Yes 3) Guitar (not well)
  7. Each section needs two different labs
  8. Yeah you're completely right! I know it would be useless to actually use. I was just wondering if it would work and why the creator of radians used radius instead of diameter to measure angles
  9. Yeah I didn't think about that. But would it really make it harder to work with though? for example 30 degrees would just be π/24 diametrans. Not better or worse just different. I guess trigonometric functions would be weirder too cause cos(0 would be 1/2 diametrans. And the amplitude of sin and cos graphs would be 1/2
  10. Its basically the same as radians except times two. I just wonder why the person who created radians used radius rather than diameter.
  11. Ok so I was thinking about radians and then I thought why is radians in terms of a radius?. Why not use the diameter to derive an angle measurement? I'll call it diametrans for now. so since one full turn is equal to 2pi radians, it would be Pi "diametrans" and half a turn would be π/2 diametrans and so on. I guess its not groundbreaking or anything but did I think of a viable new angle unit or has it already been made but I don't know of it? Or does it not make sense?
  12. IB math is kinda like all other IB courses. SL goes over the same topics, but HL goes more in depth and has Options. Math Studies barely touches the same topics as the others and is more focused on the application, while the other two are focused on math by itself.
  13. I just can't see how a world as complex as ours could have happened just because. I feel like it's not absurd to believe in an intelligent design
  14. Christianity is just as close to being the "default" as atheism. A baby doesn't "believe" anything, so it can't believe there's no God
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