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  1. Banned because you don't have your picture as your "DP".
  2. Banned because your DP is "cat".
  3. Really? My TOK teacher told us to stay away from it because of the difficulty of making counterclaims. When do you ever use just one WOK in an AOK? Bro read the question properly its clearly says "a network of ways of knowing". In gaining knowledge, each area of knowledge uses a "network of ways of knowing.†And i don't think so it's hard to make counter claims.It's like the basic rule in TOK, every AOK uses a ways of knowing ( they did not mention 1). so just explain it with your real life example. I don't find anything hard in it. And they asked us to discuss this statement using two areas of knowledge. It's pretty easy according to me. ​
  4. Nope i really enjoyed watching gravity in theater..!! NP will confess that he/she is a big fan of Justin bieber .
  5. For a Business its not compulsory that the company must be a big and popular company. You can do it on any any companies, even on a small petty shops . Business IA is basically finding a fault in a company and solving that problem using some analytical tools you learned in IB. As a HL student you must have both primary and secondary data, in simple words primary data are those you get directly from someone, example: Interviews, surveys etc. And secondary data is something you find online about the company, examples: reviews on the company from bloggers, company's website etc. So first choose a company then find a fault then get both primary and secondary data last step is to decide on what analytical tool you'r going to use on your IA, then Start your IA. For my IA I interviewed the faculty in person, but it does't matter mail or meeting, unless the person wants to help you. The last step of your IA is solution, you must give a solution to the problem they are facing and conclude it. Refer this link to get a clear idea of how to structure your IA- http://www.timwoods.org/2012/10/02/how-to-structure-a-business-and-management-internal-assessment/ GOOD LUCK
  6. I completely agree with you.., No parent will like to send their ward to school half naked. And no boy would like to show off his thighs to others .. And its not called sexiest., the school is just trying to save its name by making students wear proper covered cloths (cloths is for covering the body not for showing it off )
  7. I'll better graduate with honors in an average university .! Will you prefer getting 30 with a diploma or getting 40 without diploma (failing in cas or TOK or EE) ?
  8. I think the first question makes a lot of sense. And its in a easily understandable way. Every area of knowledge has a ways of knowing. We just need prove this statement with two areas of knowledge. And i also think except the first and the second question, all other questions are made complicated.
  9. IKR.., is he asking for our IOP's..?
  11. hey people, I'm doing my EE on economics and my RQ is "To what extent has the government's "stipulated cap on the film market" led to the rise in demand in South India?" in chennai, India. The government has made rule that no theater should fix their price more than Rs120($2). so basically im gonna speak about taxes, externalities, black market (fully micro). so any suggestion on how to go about it.?
  12. yes even im doing computer hl and its hard as ****,,! Now i can't even change my subjects. i was doing computer science till my 10th and it was fun learning. But IBcomputer science is an big headache, unless and untill you are very much interested in computer you won't be able to score marks. MY friend ended up getting a 2 last year and he was in HL . That made me more scared . My advice is think twice before taking computer HL! ALL THE BEST.!
  13. haha.. i agree lol..