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  1. At my school Ib-students are often seen as nerds who don't do anything else than study. The IB-students are very disliked since they tend to think that they somehow are superior and smarter than regular students.
  2. Stay with me - Sam Smith
  3. thank you for your answer. Are you allowed to have 3 science subjects at your school? We're only allowed to have 2 and therefore I must study Biology with another class. thank you for your answer
  4. In sweden 13 percent voted for a racist party, some of them my friends. When asked why they said that "If we keep on taking all these fugitives from Syria, Palestina and Somalia into our country , our country is soon going to be the same as theirs, women will be treated bad and they will force everyone to become muslims and we'll have plenty of terrorists here as well" this is absolutely absurd. Lack of education. some of them said that that they don't want more people because our economy in Sweden isn't good enough. this is also not true. Just as you have said above, education is the answer in most cases, but not always. I'd say that growing up with people from different countries is the answer. And while growing up, having people around you telling you how wrong racism is.
  5. Thank you so much for your answers everyone ! I think I'll stick with Biology and Chemistry since I want to become a doctor in the future. Thank you once again !
  6. Hello everyone ! I study 2-3 hours a day and that seems to be enough for me, but some subjects are harder than others. Chemistry and Biology seems to require a lot more time than for example history and business and management. Biology and Chemistry are my favorite subjects, but since I think it's a lot easier studying for history and Business and management, I'm thinking about choosing these subjects for the IB programme next year (I'm in the pre-IB right now). what would you have done ? Would you have chosen the subjects where you have to study the least and graduate with good grades or put a little extra effort and get good grades at the subjects you like? P.s (I'm getting about 85-95percent on every test , but the difference is the time required to do so) thanks in advance
  7. Wow that's weird ! I've smoked only once in my entire life. Next person will confess that he/she likes ToK.
  8. Yes. If you get as many points as required for an A , then why not ? Life isn't always fair.
  9. 2cool4IB

    Study Techniques

    I actually tried this once in 9th grade. It didnt't work and I barely got any sleep that night.
  10. 45 ofc, but a more realistic score would be 35-40. As long as i get 7 in Chemistry, Psychology and Physics , im happy.
  11. 2cool4IB

    Help !

    Hello everyone ! I´ll be starting at the IB programe this year. I haven´t figured out what subjects to choose yet but it will probably look something like this. (I got a pre IB year in my school, but I thought that it would be easier choosing my subjects now ) HL: Physics English/Math Chemistry Standard Level: Swedish English/Math Psychology/ Bussiness and Management. Extra: Biology I was just wondering if you could give me a few tips on what books to read before the IB so that I´ll be prepared for it. And is it really as hard as everyone keeps saying ? I´m willing to spend 2-4 hours every day studying but does the IB programe require more time than that to get top grades? I know that it´s not the same for everyone but, how much time did you spend studying and how many points did you graduate with ? I´m really sorry for my English. I hope it wasn´t to hard to understand what i was trying to say. Can anyone explain what ToK and CAS is ?
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