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  1. Hi! Thanks for the help! I was wondering for some feedback on my IA question: To what extent is a low pH necessary for the activation of pepsin? I have some ideas on how to carry out an test tube experiment including egg shells and acids/bases, but is this a question that is "IA worthy"?
  2. Hey guys, I thought of this question for my bio IA, but I did not get a very good response from my teacher, so I was wondering if I could get a heads up of whether this is a good topic. My question is: To what extent is a low pH necessary for the activation of pepsin?
  3. Hey guys, I would really appreciate it if I could get some feedback on whether me and my partner are doing our tok presentation properly, since we have been struggling lately, and external sources haven't been much help. RLS is : a 2013 united nations human rights council discussion on lethal autonomous robots. KQ is : Under what circumstances should technology be aloud to make decisions? Our first perspective is a theory that defines emotion, our second perspective is a philosopher's definition of intuition, and our third perspective is a psychologist's definition of reason. For each of our perspective, we're planning on analyzing the statements (strengths, weaknesses), and then, based off those perspectives, concluding whether technology is able to have emotion, reason, or intuition, and how each aok plays a role in decision making. For our conclusion, we will be stating under what circumstances technology should be able to make decisions (ex.only of they are able to have emotion), and how the aok's intertwine and work together for decision making. So do you guys think we are on the right track? Not quite sure if we are doing the right thing, would love to get some feedback!
  4. Thanks alot guys, this helps alot! I'll be sure to steer away from the topic about hijabs since it might it be sensitive. I also think I'll stick with a topic in psychology since I take the course
  5. hey guys I want to write my EE on Muslim women, specifically those who wear a hijab, and the reasons that they have for wearing it, etc. But the topic is really broad, and I also can't think of a research question to help narrow it down Also, this topic falls into Social and Cultural Anthropology, and I'm kinda scared that I won't do well on my EE since that course is not taught at my school. I was thinking that I could somehow tie the topic into with psychology since that is a subject that I'm taking, but then again, I'm not sure what aspects of Islam I should talk about. perhaps the discrimination they face? I would really appreciate it if some ideas were thrown out on specific research questions that are in psychology that are about Muslim women, or perhaps just the discrimination Muslims face in general, since this is something that I'm really stuck on Thank you!
  6. Hi guys, I'm a grade 10 who will start full Ib next year. However, I have a bit of a problem. The options my school has for sciences is Biology hl Physics sl Chemistry sl/hl And I'm already taking 2 hls because my school only has English hl and there r only hls in social sciences (history/psychology) I want to be a doctor when I grow up, so I was thinking of taking bio hl and chem hl, but I heard taking 4 hls is really hard and stressful. What sciences courses should I take?"
  7. Hi guys, I'm interested in doing 3 ib certificates: bio hl, chem hl, and physics sl, (since my school doesn't offer physics hl), for grade 11 next year since I want to do sciences in ubc after I graduate. I am still going to obtain my high-school diploma doing regular courses, and then am going to have IB certificates on top of it. I'm not sure if the full diploma is right for me, and don't understand how a course like French ib can help me when instead I can take a regular French course, get a higher less-stressed mark, and be able to spend more time on a course that I'm actually interested in, such as sciences. However, if I take this route, will I benefit? will ubc recognize that I did ib sciences? Should I just take the whole diploma? If I do the full diploma, I can only do chem and bio, and wont be able to do physics. However, since I want to do sciences at ubc, I want to have a good understanding of all the sciences. Is my plan ideal, or should I do the full diploma?
  8. Hi guys, I was thinking about doing 3 IB Certificates, Bio HL, Chem HL, and Physics SL (since my school doesn't offer Physics HL) for grade 11 next year. I want to study sciences at UBC after I graduate, and I'm not sure if the full diploma is right for me. I would still complete my regular high school curriculum with the IB certificates, and I'm not sure if I should stick with my plan or do the whole IB diploma. Is my plan ideal? Will I benefit more in university if I do the whole diploma? Will universities recognize that I did IB certificates? I just don't see how courses like IB French and so on can help me when I can take a regular French class, get a higher mark, and be able to spend more time on courses I'm actually interested in, such as sciences. Also, if I do the whole diploma, I can only take bio and chem, and can't take physics.... and I want to study all 3 sciences before going to uni Should I stick with my plan, or take the full diploma?
  9. Hey guys, I was thinking about doing the full IB program next year, and I want to go to UBC sciences or applied biology after I graduate. Do you guys know if UBC offers scholarships for IB? Can I also apply for regular curriculum scholarships if I'm doing IB? ( I live in BC, Canada) also, approximately what score do you think I need to get to get into ubc? I know it's really competitive and I don't want doing IB to ruin my chances to get in, since I'm a 95% student. Also, do you think maybe doing IB Certificate, (only IB sciences) could ruin or help me get into UBC?
  10. ok thanks! But what I'm mainly asking is, will I be looked down upon by universities because I'm doing IB Certificate?
  11. or do you guys think that maybe I'll be better off doing the full IB diploma? I'm basically doing all the courses anyway...
  12. hi guys, so im gonna start off by saying that my school doesn't offer AP, and only IB. I want to apply at UBC for a bachelor in science and then try to get into med school. However I don't think I want to do full IB. Although I'm a straight -A student,I don't want to spend my last 2 high school years drowning in school work, and I have a lot if extracurriculars that I want to do. So I was thinking about only doing IB in science related courses. This is how my grade 11 schedule would look like: IB Chemistry HL IB Biology HL IB Physics SL French 11 Math Pre-Cal 11 Ch Psychology English Spare I was planning to do in social studies 11 in the summer so I can get it out of the way. However, do you guys think this is a good idea? My school doesn't offer Physics HL, and I'm not good at Physics anyway, so it doesn't really matter I can also take up to 4 certificate classes, so would I benefit if I took an English HL class, to help write essays and such in university? Which do you think a uni will prefer: Getting low 90's -high 80's in IB sciences, or getting high 90's in normal classes? Thanks guys!
  13. hi guys! I'm a straight A grade 10 student in Canada who just recently decided that I want to be health care administrator when I grow up. I want to get a some sort of science bachelor at UBC and then get a major in health administration. However, my school has IB and I'm not sure if I should take it or not. To be honest, I'm not worried about getting into uni, since my grades are really good and I'm really involved in the community. But I heard that IB makes university so much easier, and u can transfer credits to get a head start. Not to mention, IB has the whole "broad thinking" aspect. And now, I don't know what to do! I do a lot of volunteering, and wanted to get a part-time job in the future also. Not to mention, I want to go the gym twice or three times a week since I won't be taking gym next year. Should I take IB and spend most of the day doing homework and maybe not getting good marks, or do regular curriculum, get high marks, and have lots of time to volunteer at hospitals and so forth? Oh and also, my school doesn't have any business or economy IB classes, which health administration kind of revolves around, so should I just take normal classes to take business classes?
  14. Thank for your advice guys! It helped a lot
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