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  1. Schrodinger's CAS

    HISTORY HL/SL Paper 2

    I did that question too! In my intro, I defined ideology as consisting of nationalism, imperialism, and racial superiority. In my essay, I argued that all three of these factors led to war both in Europe and in Asia. The ideology of imperialism, in particular, served to expand the war. One of my friends also talked about communism, and the role it played in the policy of Appeasement.
  2. Schrodinger's CAS

    Biology Paper 1 & 2 HL

    The one on the outside is the circular muscle, and the one closer to the lumen is the longitudinal muscle :)
  3. Schrodinger's CAS

    English A Literature HL Paper 1

    I did Swamplandia! I talked about the characterization of the mother, and her connection with the narrator. I also discussed the alliteration and the personification used in the passage.
  4. Hey guys! Does anyone else find the previous science outcomes easier to understand and study? For instance, instead of "Distinguish between type I and type II diabetes", the new outcome is "Applications: Causes and treatment of type I and type II diabetes". While the old outcome tells you specifically what you need to know, the new outcome doesn't provide you any insight into what they expect you to know. My bio teacher doesn't know how to teach the new curriculum, so he just shows us ted talks in class. Our entire class has been asking about this: Do we need to know the "Application", "Skills", and the "Nature of Science" section for the 2016 Exams? Thank you for your inputs
  5. Schrodinger's CAS

    how many of you guys watch anime

    I still think Kira should have won at the end. I understand the anime logic that the good guys have to win at the end, but isn't Kira the "good guy" though? This is questionable.What Yagami light did was good according to him, but he was ruthlessly killing all criminals. This would be considered evil in itself. Good point, and he doesn't really know if any of the criminals were in fact innocent or have repented for their crimes. However, all wars and conflicts have stopped because of Light, and as long as one doesn't commit any crimes or oppose him, one will not be killed by Kira. Thus, by killing hundreds of criminals, he is saving thousands of people from death by warfare.
  6. Schrodinger's CAS

    Members/VIPs count up, Staff count down.

  7. Schrodinger's CAS

    how many of you guys watch anime

    I still think Kira should have won at the end. I understand the anime logic that the good guys have to win at the end, but isn't Kira the "good guy" though?
  8. Schrodinger's CAS


    But if you do go on one, it may count as CAS. Planning the trip would count as creativity, and some activities that you do abroad (hiking, biking, etc) could potentially count as Action.
  9. Schrodinger's CAS

    What kind of research questions can I write on in Eng A?

    For English A, you will be analyzing literature just like you did in class. You can find numerous samples of topics and essays themselves on this website: http://www.nbchs.lskysd.ca/node/628
  10. Schrodinger's CAS

    Biology HL exam help

    Here is another great website for studying: http://www.ib.bioninja.com.au/ib-home/ That is only the past curriculum, but it gives you a good idea of what your notes can look like, and what information is important.
  11. Schrodinger's CAS

    IOP with full marks

    Hi there, Here is one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2dRrNQjvjQ I got a 30/30 too, but I didnt record a video. But I can send you my script if you like.
  12. Schrodinger's CAS

    Would you rather...?

    Ouch. I would choose the easiest 6 HLs. So maybe Mandarin B HL, Eng A HL, Bio HL, Global Politics HL, and two others. Would you rather know the date of your death or the cause of your death? (It cannot be avoided)
  13. Schrodinger's CAS

    "Easiest" IB subjects?

    History is the hardest subject for me, especially because you have to know so much. Math SL is pretty easy if you are good at it (or if you're an Asian like me) Language B SL is easy as well
  14. Schrodinger's CAS

    Is it ethical to eat meat?

    Good point there in your first paragraph. Perhaps we have evolved, physically, culturally, and psychologically to the point which we do not require the consumption of meat, especially with the access to the alternatives. As for the farming, I was thinking along the lines that it would benefit the animals themselves rather than the species as a whole. In many parts of the world, farm animals simply cannot survive on their own. Instead, they rely on humans to provide them with food and shelter. However, I do agree with you that farming animals in the way that we do it today ("artificially and industrially") is not beneficial to the animals species as a whole.
  15. Schrodinger's CAS

    how big should my binder be?

    Personally, I use a 1 inch binder for each subject. Whenever we finish a unit, I take all the pages out and put them in a folder in my cabinet. When it is near exam time, I would take out all of my folders and go through them. I don't see the point of keeping everything in your binder all the time. The exception would be my Chem binder, which is 2 inches. My chem teachers likes to hand out an entire forest worth of notes for each section, so a 1 inch binder isn't enough

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