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  1. I agree with Sandwich. It's easy, fun and best of all... time consuming.
  2. Psychobabble

    Gaining Action hours for CAS

    Dude your in France... Take up Parkour, it'll help you get to school if your running late as well as get you CAS hours.
  3. Psychobabble

    Anyone tried pulling an all nighter?

    Are you in IB? That's practically normal... but for me I would say 6 hours is the max. All nighties aren't a big deal if you have your best friend Mr.Caffeine by your side... And don't forget Mrs. Sugar.
  4. Psychobabble

    Is Psychology recognised in Universities?

    I do not see any reason what so ever why psychology shouldn't be recognized. Especially in law. I don't know specifically what you want to do so I can't tell you what it will be good for simply because it's a great all-round subject that can be applied almost anywhere.
  5. Psychobabble

    Individuality is a Sin

    I read the whole thing... I commend you for this artwork of a rant. I am so sick of this superficial bull**** though. Looks are what get a person interested, personality is what makes them stay. I'm sorry but I can't see a personality from the other side of the room and I'm not going to stay with someone who is a complete bitch, that's just how I see it. Your teacher is an idiot and I personally think that the whole "inner beauty only matters" is a sad attempt to compete with the unrealistic physical beauty you see all around. In the end if inner beauty was all that mattered, physically beautiful people would be in the exact same position say that "Beauty isn't only on the inside." Why not try to be beautiful from the outside in, why can't someone appreciate your whole instead of one simple part. I think I'll end it there before I get carried away. (Oh and have you ever noticed that the ugly girl in movies is always a super-model underneath those old clothes. All they needed was some new threads.)
  6. Psychobabble


    I don't really have a view on Muslims, just certain people who happen to be Muslim. Like the Lebanese guys from my old school, always yelling 'OMG ULE!" or something like that... The point is, when they talked they made it sound like they won the lottery. Then there are my other friends (Mostly from Turkey) funniest bunch around and great all round people.
  7. It could be a number of reasons. I never wore spandex so I don't know about some of these. - Could be comfortable - Need a little extra clothing without increasing weight and volume (So fabric does get in the way of certain things) - Reduces risk of injuring certain muscles... Like the hamstring. - And it feel like there wearing nothing at all, nothing at all, nothing at all.
  8. Psychobabble

    The Physics Society (Hate club)

    I say Aye good sir... Sign me up to this marvelous club! Oh eblake New Zealand has no Kangaroo's. That's Australia.
  9. Psychobabble

    Lucky clothes and charms in exams

    A rubber band which I use to invoke a small (almost ignorable) amount of pain in order to release the same stimuli I would have felt when studying for that exam. I don't like it so don't call me a masochist.
  10. - How important does someone have to be in order from them to be assassinated and not just murdered? - Why is it that when you blow in a dog's face, they go crazy. But insist of sticking there head out of the window when in a car? - Do you know the muffin man? - Why is it that half the world is dieing from starvation and the other is fighting obesity? - Do you know the answer to this question?
  11. Psychobabble

    2012... Ominous or not?

    WOOOO ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!! Get your crow bars ready. But there is a theory about a super virus or something killing all of us (Maybe it was just AIDS)
  12. Psychobabble

    Should I take Psychology?

    Take psychology... It's my favorite subject. And it's not that challenging as long as your interested.
  13. Psychobabble


    So this is basically a test without any self reflection questions. But it shows you how your current state is at the moment. Try it and tell me what you think. ColorGenics
  14. I'd probably help him. Because as soon as I see I probably say "F that man." And start going back down. I'd take him with me because then I would have an excuse for going back down.
  15. Psychobabble

    Ideas for a senior prank?

    Chances are someone is going to get a car early for graduation. Find someone with a black car expensive looking and put some kind of flag up on the car. Then have everyone dress up in some black outfit (Preferably suit) wearing black sunglasses and wearing one of those stupid blue tooth headsets and have them pretend to escort the car into the school. Teachers will be going "WTF?" seeing the black car being escorted possible thinking that it may be some kind of diplomat (Depending on how incompetent they are) and when everyone comes outside. Have someone come out dressed in a clown suit. CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE JUST STOP THE WHOLE SCHOOL FUNCTIONING FOR A CLOWN. Now I know this is a stupid prank and will probably won't work because most teachers aren't 'that' incompetent. But if you have gullible teachers, who knows... Maybe it could work. Either that or have 50 people come to school wearing shirts saying "I'm da bomb."

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