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  1. nightshae007

    Who grades what now in Visual Arts?

    Who grades the comparative study, process portfolio, and exhibition? Is it similar to IA's in other subjects, where your teacher gives you a grade and other examiners just moderates it? Or is it different?
  2. Just started with my comparative study. Question is how do you make "screens", and which size should it be A3? A4? or just a PPT slides?
  3. nightshae007

    TOK, EE, and CAS in UCAS

    Was wondering how you get predicted grades for tok, ee, and cars before the UCAS applications. Do the teachers give you a predicted grade based on your assignments in TOK and the progress on your ee?
  4. nightshae007

    Architecture in the UK

    Hey guys, I was wondering about the application process for architecture in certain unis. I know that Cambridge only does an interview + writing and drawing assessment, but what about UCL, Sheffield, Cardiff and Bath? I heard Sheffield wanted you to do an task showing your street, but I haven't found anything else on the other unis. Thanks
  5. nightshae007

    Math IA - the tesseract

    So I was thinking to do an ia in 4d objects, the prime example being a tesseract - will this be a decent topic for math hl ia?
  6. nightshae007


    Watch the Matrix trilogy and the Inception movie - that's how I'm studying TOK .
  7. Planning to do a how to - youtube vids. Would it be acceptable as Creativity for CAS?
  8. nightshae007

    CAS in the summer?

    Don't think you can... :/
  9. nightshae007

    Does MIT accept IB?

    Can't find the page. Can someone give me a link?
  10. nightshae007

    Does MIT accept IB?

    Hey guys Just checked MIT's site, but I couldn't find anything about IB. I only found an international applicants section. So the question is, does MIT accept IB results/students?
  11. nightshae007

    IB Courses for Architecture

    I'm planning to be an architect as well I'm taking 4 HL's: Physics, Math, Visual arts and English. You might want to ask for 4 HL's to include Physics (I got special permission from my school ) since some units might want Physics HL
  12. nightshae007

    Need advice for possible EE

    Hey guys, I was wondering if it was acceptable to write an EE about the history about the relation between S. Korea and Japan. Is it a better idea to focus on one factor (e.g. politics, or economy) or a certain time period (e.g. 1900s) or is it better to look from a broader perspective?
  13. nightshae007

    TOK ON AREA 51

    Well I wouldn't say Plagiarism... you can give advice and ideas (e.g. examples in the past(cannot be used of course)), but you have to do the research by yourself. And honestly, Area 51 is not a good topic choice. It's almost sci-fi in my opinion
  14. nightshae007

    Done with IB foreverrr!

    2 more years... Then I'm free!
  15. nightshae007

    HELP! 7 subjects point system.

    My subjects are as below: Eng-HL Math-HL Economics-SL Physics-HL Swedish-SL Visual Arts-SL Chemistry-HL I am choosing chemistry as an additional subject. Will this be a certificate subject or will it add up to 52 points?

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